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Welcome to Sacred Essence, Europe's largest shaman alternative shop supplying all your shamanic, yoga, meditation & spiritual essentials. Natural Fragrant Incense that does more than smell nice, handmade smudge bowls to drums, rattles sacred stones and unique essential oils. Whatever your interest might be we have a wide range of products to chose from. Established in 2007 and based in the United Kingdom. Sacred Essence ships products world wide. Products are sourced from Andean Peruvian Paqos, Q'ero Shamans, Native American Indians and small local communities in South, North America and Europe. The products are mostly handmade in ancient traditions with other products complimenting the range.

Shaman-Yoga-Meditation-Individual-Spiritual-Fair Trade-Lovingly Handmade!

"Working within community - Fair Trade, Small Artisans, Traditional Methods,  Lovingly Handmade, High Quality, Hand Chosen are just a few words of who we are”.

2013 - 2014 Has been an amazing 18 months. Fine tuning our offering, working closer with communities and artisans has meant being able to lower some prices, extend offerings and add further quantity discounts on popular products. The web audience has grown to a much wider audience. We would like to thank all those that continue and who are new to us for there support.

2012 has seen significant growth for us and the movement through and beyond 21st Dec 2012 has been important. We have subsequently re-designed the website ensuring some key new products and features such as the gift voucher system and comprehensive blog full of exciting news has been added to help with the user experience.

Launched 21st December 2012, this coincides with indigenous prophesies about the end of time as we know it and the beginning of a new era. In times of change and in a time that means create what you want to be and how you might be that and exist in the world.

For us to support cultural traditions that support not only each other but in the way they walk in the world living in harmony. Enjoy browsing the shop; feel free to make suggestions on products or general comments.

Sacred Essence was originally set up in conjunction with The Four Winds Society in 2006 supplying books at their events and as a resource for students. The shop quickly grew as many of the shaman products are very few and far between, yet appealed to a much wider audience which lead to the launch of the online buying facility.

Our wish is for the shop to support the teachings and local cultures and traditions that are being re-remembered. In South America local artisan products are at risk, due to business profits and demand; many small communities rely on their crafts for their income. Faster production times and more cost effective ways of producing via large scale machines, has meant small economies are having to work harder to keep their ancient ways alive and the essence of why they are made.

Our shop supports these smaller communities and traditions; it supplies unique shamanic textiles, artifacts, ceremonial pieces and a specialised range of incenses and sacred sprays for use in ritual, ceremony and individual everyday use. Whether for the spiritual being, shaman or Yogi we have a unique comprehensive product range.

In 2010 as the business grew we were asked more about other products for Yoga, Meditation & wellbeing products. We teamed up with some leading suppliers and added a small but competitively priced popular range of Yoga and meditation products and a selection of products to help the body on its spiritual journey. This allows us to support a broader selection of products all from one place.

2012 has seen more growth and the subsequent re-designed website ensuring some key new products and features to help with the purchasing process.

We have added further products and continue to work with the communities that we started with from the onset.

Our range of products is perfect for the spiritual individual. Unique highly decorative, Paqos/Q’ero Peruvian textiles that are handmade by shamans in the High Andes in South America. North American drums made and painted by Indian artists and Shipibo rattles from deep within the Amazon Jungle. A full range of space clearing sprays, Incenses including Paulo Santo Wood & Oil, (extremely high on its clearing and antiseptic abilities), Agua de Florida Water (shamans cleanse) and Californian White sage & Oil.

We are proud to support these communities and purchase products that are made with best intention and love. We have a great relationship with them and enjoy the way that they rely on a traditional system that not only trades within its community but also, enjoys sharing the understanding of why the products are made in such a way.

There is something very surreal about being high up in the Andean mountains, being with the Paqo & Q’ero Elders. Visiting communities, seeing how they live and share their wisdom teachings. They are the Earth keepers’ books talk about. It reminded us the very first time of a connection and one of many realisations that we are authors of our own lives.

Enjoy browsing the shop; feel free to make suggestions on products.

"The Soul's Journey" "Powerful & Empowering, allowing you to step into your being".

Doctors cure disease, but can't always stop it coming back.....Science understands that we create psychosomatic disease, so in theory we can create psychosomatic health!..........A shamanic practitioner intervenes and works with what is underlying, not treating symptoms or aliments but working with why it has manifested in a way that has effected the body. The body doesn't lie, yet our minds will have us jump through hoops thinking often, but not feeling......... The shaman helps by talking with the soul and body using interventions with the client to achieve balance and or understanding to what is happening allowing healing to occur.......By unlocking, seeing, removing the client can actively make realisation with what comes up making massive shifts for the individual........ 

About Shamanic Energy Treatments Shaman’s or Earth keepers have been around for a long time. For the Q’ero medicine men & women of the Andes this is not only, a way of being, but an extraordinary way to live. They are the tradition, and have adapted into modern society, holding and passing the teachings on. They are born from a long lineage of medicine men & women that not only understand the knowledge but hold the wisdom allowing them to be balance. They come to understand what it means to be an Earth Keeper, someone that takes responsibility of what they do and the impact they have. They listen to the elements and work with the earth the “Pachamama” the feminine, and the Sun “Inti Tai Tai” which is the masculine. They work with Sacred Sites or power centres, Ausangate, Salkantay, Machu Picchu and Choquequirao, which are Holy Mountain’s locally in Peru and closer to home we have Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury, are renowned not just as tourist areas but, hold tremendous Energy and Sacredness. The shaman engages the world through eyes that see no separation, they understand the seasons and cycles of life, death and renewal. They work within the organizing principles of the universe and the forces that create it. The elders in recent years have spoken about the prophesies. They talk about the new shamans from the West. The changing world is evolving and we are developing into Homo Luminous beings that shine like rainbow bodies of light, taking a quantum leap into something new and different. They speak about the Pacha Cutti, the turning over of the world, as many other traditions prophesies about 2012, and the change of mankind. Over recent year’s many of the Q’ero elders have relocated down from the high Andes from altitudes exceeding 5,000 meters to the lower, more forgiving surroundings of the Inka capital of Cusco lying at 3,400 meters. Organizing Principles.

The South is the way of Serpent. She teaches us the ways of non-attachment, non-judgement and non-suffering. Showing us to shed our past the way she sheds her skin. Represents the primeval connection to the feminine, essential life force that seeks union and creation, the place where we plant our seeds to grow strong roots. Knowledge, sexuality and healing all come from here. The one who walks with beauty on the earth. The one that knows they live in the “Garden”.

The West is the way of Jaguar, represents the life, death & renewal process, sudden transformation. Teaches us the ways to walk with integrity and impeccability, allowing us to see into the shadows, to step beyond fear and death. Where we bring balance to the light and dark, creating order out of chaos inside and out. This allows us to walk and be the peaceful warrior.

The North is the way of Hummingbird. The courage to embark on the epic journey, not need of asking a question but has the wisdom, knowledge & courage to say YES. Hummingbirds although not built for flight, flies from North to South America and knows were to find the nectar for its journey drinking directly from the wisdom and strength of life. They seem to source from a completely different place offering us guidance, courage, strength and wisdom.

The East is the way of Eagle Condor, teaching us the ways of vision and clarity. Allowing to see through new eyes, from a new higher perspective, to step away from what we know and step into our destiny and become our vision. To fly and soar higher than ever before.

The Earth, known as the “Pacamama” is the feminine power, nurturing and the power to mulch and regenerate. The place where all other life lives & dies. She who holds us and provides to us.

The Sun, known as “Inti Tai Tai” is the masculine. It offers us balance, structure and order. Connection to the stars spirit and guidance. Provides light to help us grow stronger.

Out Of Balance or off occurs when we come out of balance, our mind, body and soul are not in alignment. We cannot get clarity in circumstances or situations. We do not seem to be able to access our own inner self, wisdom or knowledge. We create or repeat patterns becoming lost, run down & low on energy, self esteem, sleep, work & relationships all become affected. Blame and conflict start to happen. It could be that we are not full filling our purpose,what ever that might be. When we look at whats happening within these patterns and whats holding us, we can shift whats preventing us from fully stepping and being. When we change within, this effects who we are and what we do on the outside.

Shamanic Treatments Although each person is individual we use a combination of Shamanic practices in each treatment. Making the healing process vary. What’s achieved in one session for one may take several for another. Typically a session will take 2 hrs with follow ups 1.5 hrs. First, we discuss the reasons you have come to the session. Then we carry out the necessary work. Finally we assist in creating and integrating a new soul map to your life.

Illumination Process is a core fundamental practice. The luminous energy field that surrounds the body not only organizes the physical body but our reality. It informs us and predisposes us to certain kinds of relationships, illnesses or certain kinds of situations that happen in our life. It stores imprints of our personal, ancestral, karmic inheritance, traumas and illness. It downloads information into our energy centres and into our central nervous system. We work by clearing and overwriting these imprints so that we are no longer informed by the memory or wound.

Energy, Intrusions & Extractions Anger, depression, anxiety, addictions, self abuse, karma, envy, grief can be all symptoms of intrusive energies or entities that have embedded themselves within the luminous energy field that feed off us. Loved ones or spirits trapped between worlds can have an infinity with us causing them to find a home in our energy field. These all can cause an adverse affect, chronic illness, localized pain and discomfort. We remove and release these energies restoring and clearing the luminous energy field.

Ancestral Our ancestral stories, family wounds, tragedies and suffering inform our energy field the same way. Often we are unconscious of how they inform us as individuals. By tracking backwards and forwards in time we cut the energetic cords, clearing the imprints for us, our ancestors and our children.

Soul Retrieval When parts of our vital essence have fragmented or disassociated away from us. This can happen during times of birth, separation, shock, trauma, illness, abuse, accidents or surgery. This can result in physical or emotional disorders. Watching your life play out in front of you, feeling empty, a weak immune system, depression, not belonging or an unhealthy connection to an individual or family member are all symptoms of soul loss. By locating the lost soul part and re-integrating them, balance is restored allowing the expression and instinctual aspect of them to be re-informed. and embodied by you.

Destiny Retrieval Is the way to our highest self, used in a variety of ways to source and track into the future looking for our highest potential. The energy field has all the information about how we live and die making available so much more for us to call upon, this will transform our life when we apply the soul tasks. This is generally done to help re-align your timeline with a new trajectory after other work has been made.

Great Rites of Passage or Death Rites Can be very literal or it can be a way of symbolically dying. Ending a chapter in our life, allowing us to be reborn. We receive powerful healing gifts in this. Sometimes this is the only way to create a big enough shift so that transformation can happen. In the literal sense when someone is dying, the process involves recapitulation, talking there life story, forgiveness and permission which brings completion, freeing the soul to move on so that it is no longer earthbound. Cleansing the energy centres and doing the great death spiral allows the energy body to disengage fully allowing this to happen.

De-coupling / Fight or Flight When fight or flight response is locked on, we consume vast amounts of energy. It is the bodies natural resource using adrenalin to keep us safe and on high alert. Stress, shock, trauma, illness and hectic lifestyles all can cause this. This technique allows the mechanism to be released allowing the body to relax fully, something that many people have never felt before.

Soul Tasks This is how you can integrate what has been done and integrate and anchor the changes that happen during the next few weeks from your session. You will be given some soul tasks to aid in this. This helps in a number of ways, it’s about you taking yourself forward and rewriting who you thought you were into who you want to be!


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