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Sacred Essence November 2020 Update

Web – Shop Open Physical Shop closed from Thursday 5th November until 2nd December 2020. Orders placed on-line can be collected at an agreed time. As per government guidelines we find ourselves closing the doors to the shop on Wednesday 4th November at 4-00pm. We will ensure we stay open until then to enable our wonderful customers to pick up much loved items with 10% off most products until then. The great news is that our Webshop will stay open throughout this lockdown. We will have a collection by appointment... Read More


New Spouting Spring & Singing Bowls

Singing Spring Bowl Or Spouting Bowl: The principle of the spouting water spring bowl is similar to a crystal bowl or singing bowl. It produces unique sounds! And an array of water vibrational changes in and around the bowl. The frequency of the bowl changes producing the most amazing water spouts. Application: Place the water spring bowl on a support such as a leather cushion or felt support. Fill with clean water to the rim. By slowly rubbing the handles on their polished part with wet palms, first a droning... Read More


New Ceramic Smudge Bowls £18.99ea

Goddess or female deity, beautiful, powerful and wholesome. Beautifully made Goddess ceramic smudge bowl. Design & symbols associated with Spiritual, Pagan and Wiccan traditions. These smudge bowls are made and internally shaped to hold and stop a smudge wand or stick from rolling. They are made from ceramic stoneware. Black ceramic smudge bowl with a colourful Pentacle design that depicts a Pentagram, Tree of Life and the 5 natural elements. Smudge bowls are used for burning herbs or holding lit smudge sticks. The tree of life symbol for centuries has... Read More

New Batch of Mestana Cloth’s

Well what a lovely conspiring morning it’s been! The cloths have decided to change colours and hide. All very funny. Pinks looking like red, greens looking like blacks… Speaking completely at the realms of madness, just sometimes what ever you do simply doesn’t line up with what they should look like! Not changing what we have done for many years we add each unique mesa cloth separatley unless you are purchasing the bulk option. English translation of the above: The latest batch of cloths had several pictures taken of them.... Read More


Grief Altar Bowl- RRP £14.50 our price £13.50

New Bowl in stock ready to prepare one! Salt, tealights and holders purchased separately. Stoneware Noir/black Graphite bowl.This bowl with its intriguing look is used for creating a ‘Grief Altar’. A Grief Altar is said to draw out and remove negative energy from an individual or an environment. Grief can turn up as many shapes and sizes, perhaps its a loss of a loved one or the loss of a time, it can be named and not named as it relates to you, an other or a place. Setting a... Read More


Pi Stone Donuts – Munay Ki / Pendants

We are excited with the new stocks arriving of Pi stone donuts. Its funny call it small things but we love unwrapping, looking sorting and uploading the products to the site. We have added some extra options now. The ever popular Clear Quartz and the new Turquoise is simply beautiful. Capturing images is a very time consuming job and some of these like to remain a surprise to viewers as the colour and definition is very hard to obtain. The picture of the turquoise above looks blue and actually its... Read More


Kuichi (Rainbow) Chakra Mini Chumpi Stone Set and Mesa Ties

Simply beautiful can often be described for RAINBOWS, magical and ever changing the symbolism known by many different things. These ties are irresistible, known as Kuichi Tawantin SUYO /Cintas Tawantin Suyo. In Quechuan, language of the Q’ero, “Kuichi” is the term for rainbow and “Chumpi” refers to lines and belts of energy that are attracted to and emanate.       Kuichi (Rainbow) Chakra Mini Chumpi Stone Set of 7 – Hand Made (Small) Invite a Rainbow into your Mesa. These beautiful newly crafted Mini Rainbow Chumpi stone set are... Read More


New Book Arrived – YES Shaman Can Wear Jeans By Nicky Mott

RRP £8.99 our price £7.95 Buy Now Yes, Shaman Can Wear Jeans is a very readable self-help book about the spiritual methods used by the ancient tribal shaman, with specific application to the modern technological world and relationship problems. With sections on breathing and meditation, our authentic selves, energy and shadows, and how our beliefs shape our actions, the author draws on her own extensive experience as a shaman, using entertaining and moving examples of real-life situations. The quirky title gives a flavour of the writing, which treats this serious... Read More

Plastics & Recycling

Sacred Essence Plastics & Re-cycling Policy 2018 We are committed in taking care of the environment and the earth. We are constantly reviewing in particular packaging materials. This is ongoing. Commercially we are challenged with making sure products arrive safely, using recycled packaging and biodegradable products where cost and value meets the customers requirement.  

Payment Gateway Improvement & GDPR DATA PROTECTION

Payment Gateway improvements with Barclay Card have just been updated on the website. What this means is customers should notice a new look and feel and an even easier payment gateway that will speed up the check out process when using debit and credit cards. One of the options is something called tokenisation. This allows individuals that regularly purchase to have a token that links to the payment gateway and our site. This is an opt in only option that will display clearly at the relevant time. GDPR – One... Read More

Cumbria – Severe Weather ***Shipping Delay***

Cumbria – Severe Weather ***Shipping Delay*** UPDATED-28-2-18 Due to adverse weather conditions Royal Mail and our other Couriers have advised us with impassable roads they are expecting temporary delays on collections and deliveries. This is countrywide not just local. We hope to see everything returning to normal within 48 hours. Thanks for your patience. Sacred Essence  

Press Release – Gold Award for Service

Sacred Essence AWARDED FEEFO GOLD TRUSTED SERVICE AWARD 2018 A big Thank YOU! February 2018, Sacred Essence has won the Feefo Gold Service award, an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, as rated by real customers. Created by Feefo, Trusted Service is awarded only to those businesses that use Feefo to collect genuine ratings and reviews. Those that meet the high standard, based on the number of reviews they have collected, and their average rating, are awarded. A badge of honour, this accreditation remains unique,... Read More


Compassion – Full Moon 2nd January 2018 – Being Compassion

Compassion As we approach the end of 2017 it is important to find a moment to reflect on the adventures, challenges and achievements of this year, no matter how small or grand, as every step contributes to personal growth and the experience of living. For 2018, we invite you to explore compassion, for compassion seems to reflect a force that brings us close together; a force that whilst being a human feeling also has the sense of something far greater. A force that comes from our hearts’ wisdom, helping us... Read More

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Sacred Essence: Another year has nearly passed and much has grown and evolved. Indeed it has been a very busy year! Exciting plans are ahead as we finally get to grips with opening the Lake District Shop. This now after being planned for the last 18 months should open by Spring 2018! We hold dear to us our business, having the right staff was the goal set, to give us the support to continue with the web adding capacity for the high street shop. This we now have! While the... Read More

Christmas Opening and Posting Times

  (Coniston Oldman) Website – Always Open (orders processed over the closed period will be prioritised and shipped on the 28th, 29th Dec 2017 with any back log being processed from the 2nd of January 2018. Shop – Official Opening TBC (early spring 2018) 19th Dec 2017 – Open – Last day for standard delivery option to arrive before Christmas. (UK) 20th Dec 2017 – Open – Upgrade delivery options to arrive for Christmas. (UK) 21st Dec 2017 – Open – Upgrade delivery options to arrive for Christmas. (UK) 22nd... Read More


New Palo Santo Prayer Malas Now In Stock!

Beautifully handmade New Palo Santo Prayer Malas – 27ct (Bracelet) £13.95 or 108ct (Necklace) £33.95 in 9mm beads. Mala beads are a string of beads traditionally used in prayer and meditation. They are a beautiful reminder of our intentions and prayers. These can be made from many different items. These Malas are infused with Palo Santo as they are made form the Palo Santo tree. Palo Santo Sacred Wood Incense sticks is considered to be the cleansing wood of the qero shaman in the Andes, South America. Can also be... Read More


New Qero Shaman Textiles & Prices!

Our hand selected textiles are as popular as ever, we are currently updating all the textiles with new images and reduced pricing! Whilst the exchange rates seem to be not in favour of GBP Sterling, other aspects have helped in us reducing where possible costs…. We have a unique way we select, sit, photograph and upload textiles………. Some like to remain hidden for a few months and others like to go straight out to work! Whilst its very time consuming doing this, it is also very grounding! All our cloths... Read More


New Travel Sized Agua De Florida Water 70ml

New Travel Sized Agua De Florida Water 70ml RRP£6.95 Introductory Price £4.95each – After what seems a life time we finally have the new sized Peruvian Agua de Florida Water in stock! 70ml is an ideal travel size being requested monthly by individuals. As the key European distributor it has taken time to get this shipped across but now we have good back stocks avaible until the new shipments start to flow through the year.


Shipping Rates Reduced or Re-distributed Weights

Shipping Rates Reduced or re-distributed prices into different weight bracket! Since the success of adding extra services giving customers more choices on how fast they receive there products has meant we have been carefully monitoring costs charged for orders. We are pleased to say while there will be some small increases, these have already been met with re distributing weights against costs charged. Very simply costs have reduce either by new rates added or the fact that a relevant weight has been increase within a given charge. We remain conscious... Read More