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OPTIMUM 600 – Testimonial / Ambassador Link – Sacred Essence

Sacred Essence supports ‘Todays Living with Ancient Traditions ‘. Offering a unique range of products that supports the MIND, BODY and SOUL in today’s modern living.

Sacred Essence is about connecting the people of today with the ancient wisdom of yesterday – supporting individual’s well-being and healing.

By providing a market place for powerful resources we are building a community of energy to foster powerful change in the world. We love working with indigenous people and hand crafters who create beautiful and purposeful products that nourish the individual, support the community and help sustain the earth, now and for future generations.

We are proud to announce that last year we became exclusive distributors for Peruvian Genuine Aqua de Florida Water, a powerful cleansing citrus scent, which now allows us to give further reductions and quantity discounts. Our Palo Santo sacred wood incense and essential oil is sourced and wild harvested sustainably from fully matured tress that grow for 30 years then die for a further 10 years, falling to the ground naturally where it lays on the earth before it is wild harvested. The life of the tree is not taken, the tree gives up its life for all of its magnificent. Growing to be the biggest leading variant supplied by us into Europe against its cut variant counterpart that is being chopped down for money! We distribute this direct via individuals and shops.

Bringing together of MIND, BODY & SPIRIT
We have closely considered for many years the combination of spiritual enterprise and literal being. How we support ourselves on our journey whatever that journey is for each individual. Bringing together the mind, body and the soul. We believe you can not just work with one as the other two will keep tapping you on the shoulder. We all live in this modern world BUT we can support this with so much more if we feed our bodies the right source of food. What more perfect way than with high value ingredients of natures very best food sources as nature intended…….

With this in mind we closely looked at the market place of juicers and blenders…… After an extremely long and what seems to be a massive and very competitive market we tried different juicers.

Looking at the everyday available centrifugal juicer, these seem to be getting more advanced, more powerful have great marketing and are more expensive……

Then we found the Optimum juicers which offer a wide chute for whole fruits and vegetables to be fed through, slow masticating very affordable, high quality alternative!

Whilst the entry level juicers offer perhaps a stepping stone, even short term cost the wide chute slow press juicer was never in the affordable options list……..

What we further realised was not only does the Optimum have high quality parts but the warranty if needed is excellent. Offering better cost options and use in the commercial sector seem to have show cased it as an outstanding all round juicer.

The Optimum 600 is simply amazing, more advanced solutions offers so much in todays living. We are so impressed with its ease of use, wide chute offering extremely quick preparation times, up to 50% more juice is extracted from fruits and vegetables making the juice even more vibrant with colours and more important nutrient rich flavours, feeding the body with more enzymes and nutrients. This is due to little or no heat transfer operating at just 65 revolutions per minute makes this juicer a wonder!

Nearly forgot: CLEANING!

We can get into a long spiel here when really its very simple to say: It takes just a few minutes to clean, really its that easy just fill the washing bowl with hot soapy water rinse and there you have it, no fuss, no more brushing, pushing or rubbing. Trust me when I say ‘Easy’.

Our Verdict
We believe that the optimum 600 offers ease of use combined with so many nutritional support advantages combined with either simple or elaborate juices or juicing plans which makes this a cost effective juicer.
When making a consideration for the slightly higher initial cost out lay it is worth comparing the cost of the machine, fruit and vegetables that are used because while you spend more on a machine the cost of the ingredients offers a significant saving as well as the high nutritional and easy of use that is gained!

So we are also proud to offer the Optimum range of juicers and blenders that competes against leading brands in the domestic and commercial market at an affordable price supporting together MIND, BODY AND Soul.

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