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About Shamanism

Shamanism Healing Vs Curing  –  An ancient philosophy.

This Philosophy originates from the Q’ero nation in Peru.  It is an ancient set of teachings that reaches back in time well over 500 years. The Q’ero fled to the high Andes with the invasion of the Conquistador and remained relatively unknown to the outside world until the mid 20th century. Their body of wisdom remains intact as it has not been influenced by religion or science and is pure and authentic to its origins.

The basis of this wisdom is that we only ever see our thoughts, which are often anchored in core beliefs we are sometimes not even aware of.  The shaman realizes and acknowledges that he is participating in everything he is experiencing. And all that he sees and experiences is based on his own version of reality.  For he knows that although our eyes do the seeing it is our thoughts that direct our point of focus.

There fore all we ever see is our version of reality. The world is very real but we only experience our version.  We are the writers of our movies and because of this we have the power to rewrite our scripts if things are not working. However what we tend to do is change the actors in the play but even when we do this they are still following the same script so we experience a new version of an old play.

This philosophy provides us with tools to enable us to make changes in our lives even if we think we are not ready. We say we never want to cross the same bridge twice. The shaman says we never cross the bridge.  Meaning that we make a shift in our lives before we have to experience a crisis to wake us up to the fact that something is no longer sustainable the way it is. 

In this philosophy we come to understand that our physical body is informed directly from our energy field that in turn is connected to a worldwide energy field now known as the matrix in scientific terms. This field acts like a giant computer screen and holds memories of events that have happened in the passed and down loads this information into our body by way of the chakra system.  The shaman say that in this field of memory is etched how we will live, our health and how we will die. 

Sometimes these memories can lay dormant for years only to be activated by a set of circumstances that cause the system to look in the archives to see how we dealt with a similar situation even if it was 40 years ago. Then this information is downloaded in to our body through the chakras, suddenly we are living into the feelings, emotions, thoughts, behaviours, habits and values that perhaps are really not appropriate right now.  Even if we feel we have dealt with the reasons for this kind of pattern turning up in our lives the magnet that organizes everything, the memory in our energy field is still there. We can clear and clear and talk and talk but unless we overwrite the magnet in our energy field it just reorganizes itself showing up in our lives in a different way but the basis of the experience is really a repeat of the past over and over again.

This may be something like moving from a job because your boss is a bully only to step into another job to find another bully shows up in the way of a colleague.

This may show up with repeated health issues. Unless the source of the symptoms is honoured and overwritten the chances are we will continue to experience symptoms but they may show up somewhere else at another time looking slightly different but the reason for them showing up is still there.  Maybe it is a core belief that you need to unbind yourself from, for the shaman knows that thoughts and beliefs influence our behaviours our values and create what we live into for we are writing the movie.

We get tools to help us unbind ourselves from the constraints of our beliefs and our past so that we can be available to create a new map to live into. It almost sounds to good to be true. The philosophy does present us with challenges and it supports us in many ways by providing different ways to help us shift the way we see and deal with situations in our lives.

The Shaman recognizes the power of myth and we in the West particularly have been living with a silent script deeply etched into our energy fields. From a scientific observation that is now well outdated that only the strongest survive. It goes without saying that if we have all been living in a society that is based on this old myth then the decisions and choices, the beliefs that we continue to live into are all based on assisting us to survive a world in which this is held as true.

The shaman recognizes another world, a participatory world where we are all connected and that works from a place of cooperation, mutual help, resilience  and sustainability. This has now been proven through quantum physics and other research institutes. There are many reports out there often in a language that we are not a part of. 

The beauty of this philosophy is that it brings hope of a better tomorrow.  The more of us that shift our old patterns taking only our wisdom from what we have learned together with the resilience in our hearts, the more possible and probable a brighter future becomes for us and our worlds.

How Shamanic Wisdom of the Past can Assist us in a Modern World of Extremes

It is a fact that life is moving at a pace never experienced by our ancestors. It is a fact that we are experiencing great changes never experienced by our ancestors. It is a fact that together we are facing extremes from freak weather conditions to turmoil and chaos in our social and global worlds.  And this is not just some of us the move that has seen us welcome globalization means that we are all affected and it is not something we can ignore.  We are all a part of this great shift and it is up to each and everyone of us to participate in the creation of a world that can sustain us both personally, socially and globally.

Believe it or not this is where some of the ancient wisdom cherished by our ancestors becomes useful. There are many messages from many different paths that were once considered mumbo jumbo that are now being given credit through the discoveries of science in the form of quantum physics.  Our ancestors already knew what modern science is discovering they just used a different language to share and inform others.

The path of the shaman that we have followed personally is the path of teachings cherished and shared by the Q’ero nation in Peru. These incredible people fled to the high mountain plains in Peru because they knew that the understanding and methods by which they live the journey of life would one day be necessary to assist us to sustain ourselves in a time of great change.

The beauty of this philosophy is that it brings hope of a better tomorrow.  The more of us that shift our old patterns taking only our wisdom from what we have learned together with the resilience in our hearts, the more possible and probable a brighter future becomes for us and our worlds.

These mountain people faced great extremes and forged a balanced relationship with the land, the knowledge and wisdom that held them steady even in the harshest times.  They were resilient and worked as a community assisting each other creating ways and means to adapt quickly and efficiently when needed.

Just like today we are facing a world where we are being asked to adapt more and more quickly to change and our ability to meet this demand shows up in our health, our lives, our society and beyond. Change is always happening in fact change is constant in our lives and the more used to this we become the more efficiently we can adapt.

So as a shaman we always begin with the saying that no one is so enlightened as to be able to change the world but we can begin by clearing and shifting our own inner world so as to inform the world around us.  Shaman recognizes that the universe is a mirror and the reality that we each see is our personal version. The world is very real but we often mistake our own version for reality.  What we are in fact seeing is a movie scripted and directed by us. The shaman knows that when we look at something we immediately follow our thoughts and it is our thoughts that direct our vision so what we are really seeing is a movie based on our thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and values.  So if you are running a script of woe and hopelessness then that is what you will experience.

The knowledge of the medicine wheel tools assists us to clear our back yards our inner gardens so that what we in fact create is a balanced movie based on right relationship between ourselves and our world and the more of us that take a participatory role in this process the greater the possibility to create something extraordinary for ourselves and our children’s children. 

Shamans have always recognized that the heart is the powerful organ in the human body. If we look at most religions and alternative thinking the heart is almost always given center stage.  Within the medicine path that we share we live by the knowledge that it is our hearts that inform our brain to deliver what the body requires let alone the energy that we send out into the world. We have a saying in the East direction “may we always see from our hearts with vision and with clarity”

This inner wisdom is available to us all it has always been there but we have forgotten how to get in touch with it.  And for those of you who like to have scientific backing there have been discoveries of the same neurons in the heart as in the brain and that the energetic power of the heart is between 40 and 60 times greater than that of the brain.

Shamans also acknowledge that the mind is mad and the more we can bring this to a place of stillness then the more likely we are to be able to consider and respond to life from the wisdom of our heart and brain/mind combined. This sets us up to be able to deal with situations based on Now rather than allowing our mind to react from a place in the PAST using old out dated behaviours and values. 

A journey around the medicine wheel introduces us to the concepts of our ancestors and through participation and direct experience we can acknowledge the shifts that are possible personally and beyond. 

In the South we look at moving away from the old stories and myths that we live into whether these are the fairy tale stories or our own story that we have written about ourselves.  We come to a place where we recognize that we are more than the story that we tell.


In the West we look at how we can become bound by our beliefs and how much energy it takes to hide parts of ourselves from the world in order that the identity that we have created remains comfortable. We begin to acknowledge all our facets the ones we consider good and bad, ugly and beautiful.

We take a look at how anything that is driven by fear creates an emotional state affecting our heart centre that really does affect us on every level from our health, our thoughts, beliefs, words, behaviours, values and our destiny.

We look at how death is an essential part of life and our relationship with death. By stepping beyond any fear that we hold of death we are able to step outside of time. We are no longer bound to a beginning and an end. We get that this is part of a journey that continues to evolve. We come to a place of reconciliation with our ancestors, from family ancestors to the stories that live within all of us as a result of the evolution of human life on earth.

In the North we recognize how tightly bound we become by the roles that we play and the expectations of us in these roles.  We work with moving away from the constraints of our roles and this enables us to fulfil these roles in ways that we would never have dreamed possible.

The north is also a place where we learn how to retrieve parts of us that we have locked away, how we bring back energy that will assist us to live in an extraordinary way.

In the East we learn the art of envisioning from our hearts, how to move gracefully through life and through death. We learn how important it is to clear our old stuff out of our yards. Why? Because if we don’t we realize we will only be dreaming into reality another copy of the past.

The tools of the shaman as ancient as they may be give us a map that assists us to become more awake and aware in our lives. They enable us to recognize that we are participating in what we create and that we have the power and the means to create something new and more extraordinary. They support us as we adapt to the forever- changing world.

The journey does require effort and dedication but together with resilience, hope and the means to support ourselves anything is possible.

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