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About Us

Welcome to our Sacred Essence Shop, where we offer products born from ancient traditions to support your needs in this modern day world. Sacred Essence was originally created from our desire to support traditions and artisans that so richly gave to us on our personal journeys. In this ever evolving world and indifferent times we live in, our life style’s, high levels of stress, not having enough hours in any given day can leave us dissatisfied and hindered… contemplating! 

However it can also offer us chance to create a sought after deeper fulfillment for our lives.

As we pursued with our learning’s, questions and understandings, our own answers appeared. We found different treatments and products that not only made us feel so much better but supported us in mind body and soul.  Learning and working with the Four Winds Society and so many inspirational friends, colleagues and associates along the way we received so many inquiries about where to get these meaningful resources, we were so passionate about giving back, that it was from here that we created the Sacred Essence Shop.

And now, many years later, Sacred Essence has grown into Europe’s largest resource for wellbeing and spiritual products.  Our company is proud to work with small artisans within communities from all over the world that supports the ancient ways with modern living.

We know from our own experiences by honouring our sense of being whole, allows us to understand and grow from a strong foundation from beginning to end. We have hand selected a unique range of specialised products that resonate at all 4 levels of your being: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

If you are on a spiritual or sacred path, we suggest you browse our sacred sprays, drums and ceremony products to help you go deeper and connect.  Also, our textile and crystal collections offer you many options as you journey forth in search of something more.

If you are seeking to ease your everyday stress, strengthen your physical health or calm your overworked mind, we offer you essential oils, flower essences and some nutritional supplements that we believe you will like.

We invite you to browse our diverse and exciting array of products created by craftspeople and artisans dedicated to preserving the earth’s medicine and traditions sharing it with you.  We also have included some more common place products like juicers, blenders and yoga supplies that offer a high quality full collection.

Living in this busy, demanding and polluted world, requires all of us to cleanse and purify our bodies, energy fields and environments regularly. We know how vital it is to maintain clarity and real connection with each other and so we offer our Sacred Essence Shop to support these needs.

We are committed to giving back and strengthening the artisan and indigenous communities so we source sustainable products that respect the earth and honour the people who live in the highest relationship with nature.

We invite you to learn about our sustainable Palo Santo wood used for cleansing and ceremony in our Sacred Sprays, Incense and Offerings section.  And we are honoured to support the medicine peoples - Q’ero Paqo’s shaman in Peru who have lived for thousands of years in community with each other, in community with nature and in oneness with a Higher Power.  In our Textile Weavings section, you can learn more about the Q’ero and how they craft from their hearts and create these story-telling textiles.

Also, we are proud to donate a portion of our profits to Planeterra, which is dedicated to protecting nature while connecting underserved communities with sustainable tourism. 

Thank you for helping us support the ancient traditions and building healthier communities in this modern world. 

 In Gratitude,

Simon, Annie & the team! xx



Sacred Essence established in 2007, based in the United Kingdom, shipping products worldwide. Sourced from Peruvian Paqos Q’ero Shamans, Native American Indians and small local communities in South & North America and Europe. The products are mostly handmade with love in ancient traditions with other products complementing the range.

Originally set up in conjunction with The Four Winds Society supplying books at their events and as a resource for students. The shop quickly grew as many of the shaman products are very few and far between, yet appealed to a much wider audience which lead to the launch of the online buying facility.

Our wish was for the shop to support cross teaching modalities, individuals, local cultures and traditions that are being re-remembered. Not only South America, local artisan products are at risk, due to business profits and demand; many small communities rely on their crafts for their income. Faster production times and more cost effective ways of producing via large scale machines, has meant small economies are having to work harder to keep their ancient ways alive and the essence of why they are made.

In 2010 as the business grew we were asked more about Yoga, Meditation & Wellbeing products. Teaming up with leading suppliers we added a comprehensive but competitively priced array of products to support MIND, BODY & SOUL.

Our shop supports smaller communities and traditions wherever possible; it supplies unique shamanic textiles, artifacts, ceremonial pieces and a specialised range of incenses and sacred sprays for use in ritual, ceremony and individual everyday use.