Palo Santo - Burseara Graveolens Palo Santo Wood Incense Stick Approx 5-6g (1 Sample Stick)

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  • Sustainably harvested Pure Palo Santo from naturally downed trees within a Pachamama Alliance country committed to preserving, managing and maintaining for future generations.
  • Not cut under license, just sustainably wild harvested!
  • Please note: Picture shown represents full 30g and not the sample stick as this is.
  • Fresh Citrus fragrance that has extremely high cleansing  and high antiseptic properties.
  • Approx size & weight:This is 1 sample stick. Cut into usable hand sized sticks.
  • NB:Un-like many sources, this product is kiln dried, perfect burning and allows you to know exactly what you are receiving in the PKT.
  • Used by shamans and individual in energy practices, ritual & ceremony all over the world to cleanse energy field and spaces.
  • Uses: Cleanse space's, the body. Use as an antiseptic and repellant.Feed & Clean your Mesa Kuyas.

Palo Santo Holy Sacred Wood Incense sticks approx. The Shamans Sacred Wood, Palo Santo known as Holy or Sacred Wood. Used by the shamans, Qero's and indigenous people of the Andes for it's purifying and cleansing properties. A rich fragrant smell that is very powerful. Used in healing ceremonies, rituals and for smudging. When lite and blown out it smokes slowly with a pleasant aroma.
Place in a heat resistant dish or smudge bowl between use. See our range of handmade fire bowls.
Palo Santo Information: This Sacred Wood and Oil is purchased from a sustainable managed forest in South America who promote well being incense and oils. The wood that is harvested is from downed trees not live trees cut and sold for its value. One of the unique properties of Paulo Santo is its healing and cleansing properties which make the way the wood is sourced so important.

We buy from a sustainable managed forest in South America who promote well being incense and oils.

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