January 2013


A few words about the logo Inspiration….

Simon asked us to create a logo for their business – Sacred Essence. Its not usual that an idea comes fully formed, often it needs to be batted back and forth with the client, but in this case, it was really simple, in a nut shell the logo represents being BALANCED IN HEART AND MIND, SITTING IN INFINITY. We can know, that in order to be in true alignment, both inner and outer, we need balance, stillness practice of the yoga posture reflects this and we used this posture to... Read More


New Stock: Star Child Peace Candle

Star Child WHITE PEACE CANDLE Handmade with best Intention and Love. The magical infusion added to this candle contains herbs associated with peace, higher consciousness, meditation, prosperity, protection and purification. It includes sacred ingredients from the four corners of the Earth. White Sage from America – Sacred Herbs from the Himalayas -Tree Resin from Africa – Tree Bark from Australia. Use this candle for meditation, yummy thoughts of World peace and global understanding. 12″ x 2″ (30cm x 5cm) Burning Time Approximately 60 Hours INTRODUCTION: The living flame of a... Read More


New Product: Natural Rubber Tree Yoga Mat

The Tree Mat of Natural Rubber (made from the rubber tree) is an ecologically sound yoga mat. It has the best grip of all our mats, which combined with good shock absorption and abrasion resistance makes this the best mat available. Tested by SGS Laboratories as free of Heavy Metals & AZO dyes 183cm x 60cm x 4mm. Weighs 2000g Washable – air dry avoiding sunlight Please note: As the colour of natural rubber varies considerably from batch to batch, this affects the finished colour of the mat also, so colours... Read More


Shamanism – Nicky Mott

What is shamanism Well there are many definitions out there today and of course all of these come from peoples experience and perception of different practices and traditions. Despite this there is a thread of similarity and simplicity that is found in all. My sense is that shamanism is about the journey of life, our relationship towards ourselves, others and the world around us. At the place of shamanism, there is no right or wrong religion or belief for these are a map that we choose individually to navigate the... Read More


Unicef Water Pump Donation

We always look to support charities. Preferably smaller ones…..Unicef touches many hearts with there support they provide around the world and in particular their focus on children and basic humanitarian aid and support in disaster areas….. Christmas we decided to speak with friends, family and colleagues as we wanted to make a larger donation as a community. With some help we managed to raise enough to buy a water pump for a village in need. We feel very heartened to know that not only have we made a difference but... Read More