March 2013


Flower Essences – How they work?

  Flower Essences and how they work – an Introduction This article is intended for: Those people new to vibrational essences or those currently using essences at home on self, friends, family or pets. Flower and gem essences are a way of capturing the uplifting qualities of nature in a convenient and easy to use way to bring emotional balance and well-being. Essences can bring that positive feeling that a walk in the countryside has or a beautiful summer’s day in a special garden. They are similar to homoeopathy in that they are a form of vibrational or... Read More


Delayed Shipping of Orders between 8th March-19th March 2013

Advanced Apology: Due to stock checking and staff holidays, all orders placed between the above dates will experience a delay. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.We will get back to normal catching up with all the outstanding orders within a few days after this time. Munay Sacred Essence


Thank You from Sacred Essence! NEW

Thank YOU! The new website is a hit! We have had lots of great comments and feed back. We have updated the site with lots of new products. Products that not only support your practices and wellbeing but smell wonderful, if of course its a smelling product………….they are made with the great care, best intention and love. This further enhancing individuals and preserving traditions of the suppliers and communities who we work with……….. We are really pleased to extend the Bush and Alaskan flower remedies as they have proved to... Read More