July 2013


Marriage Celebration Shutdown!

This is a reminder for all orders placed after today will be held until we resume shipping on the 11th August. Please place orders to reserve stock and or after the 11th reserve as usual. Crystals, Textiles and new products will be added by the end of August! Warm Wishes Sacred Essence


New Star Child Gum Incense Now In!

New Star Child incenses in stock! The ever popular Green Man, Love, Prosperity, Meditation and Purification. Used with Self Igniting charcoal discs and heat resistant incense burners. Star Child Incense. Incense Burners.


Mesa Cloths back in stock

Over the next week we have another 50 mesa cloths going back into stock. We have added some really popular and band new designs! Textile Mesa Cloths. Please note we will add them slowly over the next 7 days.  


New Essences to support the bodies Change…..

Due to the increased demand in people supporting their bodies through  energetic shifts, we have increase the products to offer a wider selection. These oral drops and sometimes personal sacred sprays offer not only aiding the body, supporting but deepening its connections………We have added woman essence, emergency essence with the very popular calm & clear spray and drops….Add a few drops to water and notice the difference. Bush Essences. Sacred Sprays The Wild Earth animal essence (NOT MADE WITH ANIMAL PRODUCTS) are extremely powerful helping you to deepen or call... Read More


Advanced Holiday Shut Down Warning from 26-7-13 – 13-8-13

Advanced holiday shut down notice: No orders will be shipped between the 26th July 2013 and 13th August 2013. This is due to a company wedding celebration. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused. We will endeavour to ship all orders and clear the back log within the following few days.