January 2014


The Turning Point By Grey Braden

The Turning Point By Greg Braden is his New Book! Greg Braden – Hay House – The worlds leading Mind, Body, Spirit publisher. We live in a time of extremes. The good news is that nature gives us the key to turn the frightening Tipping Points of such extremes into life-affirming Turning Points of transformation. Fact: The solutions to our biggest problems already exist! Fact: We already have the technology and the means to adapt to the extremes! Fact: All that stands between the suffering of the present and the... Read More


18″ Native American Natural Skin Drums Back in Stock!

We have worked with a very particular drum maker who make not only extremely nice lovinly hand made beautiful drums, which are made in a traditional way by an indigenous native american indian. These are made from Elkskin which helps with our european climate but also have excellent sounding qualities that will grow as the drum and you voice together. Please note that natural skin drums are sensitive, we have found by placing them in there own drum bag or case helps hold there sounding and not being as effective... Read More