February 2014


New Vogel Clear Quartz Healing Extraction Crystals

36 sided New Vogel Healing Extraction Crystals in stock. Extremely Powerful – 36 sided crystal work with a high degree of smoothness and able to deal with the most difficult healings. Naturally sourced from the earth. Specially made with double terminated points. 100% Natural, 100% Clear Hand Cut Quartz. Holds large amounts of energy without energetic wobble. Size & Weight: Approx 4.5″- 5″ x 1.75″ – 1.5″. 240g. Supplied in a luxury sheep skin pouch. Uses: Shaman Healing & Extraction Process. 36 sided crystals are extremely powerful. Working with a... Read More


Shipping Issue with Peruvian AGUA DE FLORIDA WATER

Shipping Issue with AGUA DE FLORIDA WATER: Please note we are working with new couriers that can ship high alcohol contented products and liquids. Liquids sent UK, Europe and worldwide remains tight on restrictions. Until we fully resolve this we have had to increase the costs to cover extra shipping charges. This will of course effect all suppliers for agua de florida water in the UK and Europe. We are working to reduce the cost on smaller quantities but am finding the larger the quantity the easier and cheaper it... Read More


Natural and synthetic skin Drum Information

Beautifully hand crafted natural skin Native American drums made traditionally. Remo buffalo synthetic skin drums ideal for ambient weather conditions.  Used widely for shamanic journeying, sweat lodges, fire, meditation, reiki and dancing circles. Remo Buffalo Synthetic Drums: Perfect to travel with, excellent sound that holds in all weathers. The 16” is a favorite choice as it tones well for its size and is easy to carry and transport. The 22” benefits from a deeper earth tone. A case to protect the skin is advisable as this helps hold the vibration... Read More


Chumpi Stone Sets Back In Stock – Natural & Black

Chumpi stone sets back in stock – Natural & Black 7 Piece SML, MED & LGE. Chumpi Stone Sets Various Chumpi Stones are hand carved in prayer from local Andean stone from the sacred mountains in Peru. They are carriers of sacred energy and attuned to each chakra and hold the energy of the sacred mountains. Notice the individual markings on each stone and each unique shape: Point one – The root chakra or base and so on up to the 7th chakra the crown with 7 points. Hand carved... Read More


Chakra Engraved Stone Set – SML

Chakra Engraved Stone Set – SML Chakra Engraved Stone Set – SMALL Size approx. 20mm – 35mm each. Weight: 350g. Each stone’s colour corresponds to the colour of the chakra. Great for distance healing work, surrogates and client work present or not. This Chakra Stone set comes with a collection of crystals and gemstones for chakra healing. The average size of gemstones is between 20mm-35mm. Each stone’s colour corresponds to the colour of the chakra that it is connected to. Red is for the Base Chakra, Orange for the Sacral... Read More


Pachamama – Earth Stones That Represent The 4 Main Archetypes

Pachamama – Earth Stones That Represent The 4 Main Archetypes Peruvian Handcrafted Pachamama Stones holding each of the 4 archetypical energies they represent. Made from mountain local soap stone. Made in Prayer and has the energy of the Pachamama – The Earth. Use on an altar, in your mesa for connection to the Pachamama with the spirit of eagle. Very grounding! Anchor stones, shaman stones. approx size: 60mm x 25mm x 30mm. Hand Crafted set of pachamama stones from the sacred mountain Ausangate in Peru. Other wise know as a... Read More


Mesa Ties Inti Watana’s and Red Protection Bands back in stock!

Mesa Ties Inti Watana’s and Red Protection Bands back in stock! Chinchero Mesa Red Woven Tie 1.5m Chinchero Mesa Brown Woven Tie 1.5m Made with the intention and woven withe symbol of protection. Hand Made From Sheeps Wool using local natural dyes. Uses: Mesa/Mestana Tie, Offering/Gift to the Pachamama. Medicince or Despacho Tie. Necklace, Wrist charm. Inti Watana Beaded Pini Brown Tie 1.5m (NO 1) Q’ero Inti Watana Beaded Pini Tie 1.5m. Each watana bead is a prayer, a blessing. A tie to wrap and hold you, your mesa. Also... Read More


Chinchero Mesa Cloth M51 back in stock

Chinchero Shaman Fine Sheep Wool Mesa (M51). Peruvian Chinchero Altar Manta Cloth. Made With Extremely Fine High Quality Sheep Wool. 100% Natural. Shamans Mesa or Altar Cloth. Made in South America High in the Andean Mountains. Approx Size: 680mm x 710mm Uses: Altar Manta or Mesa cloth. Chinchero Shaman Fine Sheep Wool Mesa (M51). Chinchero fine sheep’s wool , woven multi coloured mesa/altar/manta cloth. Hand made and dyed using natural dye. Uses: Altar Manta or Mesa cloth. Approx Size: 680mm x 710mm.Mesa M51


Thought for today: Deliveries & Clear Intentions

Deliveries & Clear Intentions: You can’t help to noticed that some orders take longer than others to arrive. Even parcels in the same areas experience delays…….. While we hold best practice to clear the way for all parcels sometimes individuals hold a charge in their field which hinder that smooth flow! ……….Its a really interesting observation but very simply just by setting our clear intention and clearing the way can help bring balance to what needs allowing flow. Now that does not mean you will get your parcel quicker but... Read More


Pure Palo Santo “Holy Wood” Incense & Essential Oil

Sacred Essence – Pure Palo Santo “Holy Wood” Incense & Essential Oil Palo Santo Essential Oils Palo Santo “Holy Wood” Incense  About PALO SANTO Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows in South America. It is associated with Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal. Used similarly to Sage. Palo Santo still unknown to most unless they have ventured to South America has extremely high healing and antiseptic properties. Also known as “Holy Wood or Sacred Wood” due to its profound healing qualities, it has been used for hundreds of years by... Read More