March 2014


UK & International Postal charges

Postal Service notification received today of some small increases and SAVINGS to many of the UK, European and International delivery charges. This in the main is not significant but we have added this to our scale of charges as we work on a cost price charge to customers. The UK has had up to 40p added while Europe and International parcels are a little more as this have not been altered in two years. We are please to announce that overall the main larger parcel courier rates to Europe remains... Read More


Shaman Versus Sorcerer

The Shaman versus the Sorcerer!!!!!!!!! From old times a shaman was an extremely important individual within a community. Although through different periods considered to be a magician committing sorcery to serve individuals……The true shaman really just understood values of all things and how the cogs in a wheel all join………The Shaman serves all and one, and is in service to the world…………The sorcerer serves an individual and self!


Thought of the day: Ayni & Congruence!

An Andean Prayer for today with Thought of the day: Out of site out of mind, mhh is it true? Of course yes and no!!!!!  The feeling of community supporting each other where ever they are regardless,allows each of us to grow, sharing, helping and learning as you would like! Reminds me of AYNI – Quechuan for what you give you receive, or vice the versa…….balance, integrity and more important today Congruence, being that you speak on the inside and out, not saying what you want to be as your... Read More