April 2014


Palo Santo Benefits Request

We have been asked a great deal at the moment again about Palo Santo and the oil and its properties so I am attacing a link to this once again from our blog. To remind everyone if you want to subscribe to our occasional informative ideas and information then please add your email address to the newsletter link at the bottom of our homepage. Unsubcribing is also very easy if you decide it is not for you! Palo Santo Information


Rue “Sacred Spray” Negative Cleanse

Rue is widely used for one reason in South America to send away negative energy. While its another vehicle or method we have heard stories whereby when an individual is overcome by negative emotions and energies that the bars of soap are tied onto the fett and the spray is used clearing the space around them through a intense period. Some religions widely use rue due to its properties. We are please to have the spray back in stock. Rue Sacred Spray


Sulphur and Rue Soap – Thought of the day!

We try not to stock too many similar products but with these soaps its very difficult as not only are they natural, they actually clean and smell nice but cleanse as well in there unique ways. I wondered why after cooking strong smells like meat or fish in particular smoked salmon even after washed several times and then trading in the hand cleanser for washing up liquid and then deciding to put up with the residue smell! Did I rediscover bars of soap again! Almost a thing of the past…………Well... Read More


Angelic Mist Sacred Sprays

We are glad to have back into stock these really popular sacred mist sprays. Channeled and mixed by a wonderful reiki shaman in the UK these are made using the highest essences mixed only at certain times to connect them with the relevant archangel. While we have tried many sacred sprays these are divine! Angelic Mist Sacred Sprays  


New Sacred Totem Power Stones

Totem/Load Stones We are excited when we saw these stones! Available in so many different power animal designs we chose the most popular, Serpent Jaguar/Cougar, Hummingbird and Eagle. Please contact us for any others you may require but simply there are just so many to chose from! These are made with the power animal and energy of while being made. Whilst they are available in many different types of stone we chose some in particular colours. These totem stones are sometimes called load stones and can be use to give... Read More


New Peruvian Textiles added – Mesa and Unkuna Inner cloths

Qero Mesa Cloths Qero and Chinchero Shaman Unkuna / Wachala Inner cloths We are pleased to show our new range of Mesa and Unkuna/Wachala inner cloths that have just been added to the website. The quality and colours of the new products are amazing! We are still awaiting some new colours to arrive and these will match the Chinchero Shaman colours extremely well. Its like christmas everytime we open a parcel from our artisans from arounf the world. We love to chose and deal with the people we do as... Read More


Vogel Extraction Healing Crystals Arrived into stock!

Vogel Extraction Healing Crystals We are Please to announce the arrival of the new Vogel Extraction Crystals! They look amazing and the feel excellent! The overall size of the natural ones are slightly heavier than usual. While the lab  crystal remains a similar weight shape and size……We continue to source high quality Natural and Lab grown quartz that feels and looks great. 100% clear and free from inclusions!!!! Due to popularity we are trying to keep up with demand and one idea is to always let us know in advance... Read More


New Stock Chumpi Stone Set – Natural/Black 7 Piece LARGE

New Stock Chumpi Stone Set 7 Piece LARGE: Natural and Black. Ceremonial Chumpi Stones are hand carved in prayer from local Andean stone from the sacred mountains in Peru. They are carriers of sacred energy and attuned to each chakra and hold the energy of the sacred mountains. Notice the individual markings on each stone and each unique shape: Point one – The root chakra or base and so on up to the 7th chakra the crown with 7 points. Hand carved pictures vary but consist of local power sources.... Read More


New Qero Paqos Mestana Cloths Added!

New Qero Paqos Mestana Cloths Added! These mesa cloths are sourced from the Pagos Qero medicine people high up in the Andes of Peru. Hand Woven from naturally dyed sheep wool by the Q’ero community these cloths are made with great symbology, meaning and intent. The cloths are used in a variety of ways, for rituals and ceremonies including holding new-born’s safe as they enter this world holding them as they transition…….To becoming great altars holding an individuals power and gifts as they transform going around the medicine wheel. Personal... Read More


Bulk – Q’ero Shaman Mestana Selection

We are please to now be able to offer group and class discounts on Qero and Chinchero Shaman Mesa/Mestana cloths! The discounts range between 15%-45% depending on the quantity purchased at any one given time. This will be supplied from stock or can take up to 4 weeks. The reason we have been able to now offer this is due to not taking individual photos of all the mesa cloths which is a substantial saving. Our artisan still had picks from the villages to obtain the same high quality options... Read More


New Peruvian Qero Altar Cloths Added

Peruvian Qero Altar Cloths just added. Sourced from the high Andes by a dear friend that works in the villages high up. Some of these cloths are new and some have some age and character. ALTAR CLOTHS


Chinchero Shaman Fine Sheep Wool Mesa & Altar Cloths added

These extremely popular products are now back in stock. Chinchero Shaman Mesa Cloth: Chinchero Shaman Fine Sheep Wool Mesa (07MULTI). Peruvian Chinchero Altar Manta Cloth. Made With Extremely Fine High Quality Sheep Wool. 100% Natural. Approx Size 650mm-700mm 25.5″-27.5″ x 650mm-700mm 25.5″-27.5. (Tolerance is about+/- 3). Shamans Mesa or Altar Cloth. Made in South America High in the Andean Mountains. Uses: Altar Manta or Mesa cloth. Chinchero Shaman Altar Cloth ( Larger Size): Chinchero Shaman Fine Sheep Wool ALTAR (07MULTI) Peruvian Chinchero Altar Manta Cloth. Made With Extremely Fine High... Read More


Bulk Rattles Discounted

3 new products added: Bulk Shipibo Rattles: Large, Medium & Small. For quantities of 10+ qualify for 10% discount mixed between any of these 3 products, 20+ 20% discounted, & 30+ 30% discount. This should help the groups and classes and trade inquires purchase what they require without any delay.


Spring Space Clearing Newsletter

Space Clearing Newsletter SPACE CLEARING – With natural incenses, gum resins and high grade pure essential oils. Space clearing is as important as physically cleaning and clearing your physical body. You might say why? Well it is very simple, in our every dayness we build up residues of energy that do not serve us which in turn affects the spaces around us, a toxic build up starts to happen. To one it might seem nothing but to another they start to feel impacted upon. In todays society we have become... Read More


Sacred Space – Prayer Cards

Sacred Space Prayer Cards These extremely well illustrated and beautifully made cards are a great reminder in opening sacred space. They have wonderful illustrations that help and guide our connection to the archetypical energies they represent! Can be used on an altar to remind us of a particular power we are working with enabling the English and German translation on the reverse to remind us of words to help us connect and open that sacredness. These have been made by a European shaman who lives and works in the mountains... Read More


New Candles & Tealights

Having being asked for many moons for tealights we have finally sourced quality tealights at sensible prices.We have opted for an economy as some still believe more is cheaper and better due to how many are used at one time and our preferred option high quality UK made tealights. Just to give you some technical jargon: You have 2 sorts of tealights and within that, different qualities of wicks and wax that is used. An economy tealight can spit when lit, not burn evenly and can be difficult to re-lite... Read More