May 2014


Ayni Despacho Kits back in Stock!

Ayni Despacho’s Prayer Bundle These ever popular kits are back in stock. Growing in popularity and ideal for group or class use, they provide a great base to add extra items too or as a stand alone pray bundle despacho. Many people create there own personal despacho and use what they are called too, setting a reason, an intention and bring that to it……An offering, honoring of and thanking coming into balance or what we call right relationship “Ayni” with a specific intention or self. The kits give this ready... Read More


Chinchero Shaman Mesa Cloths Arrived

These beautiful cloths are traditionally hand made using high quality fine sheep yarn and dyed using natural dye stuff………. Woven to a very high standard this particular cloth is made in deep rich tones that are held and surrouned with a woven seem around the edge with whats called “Eye’s of Protection”….. Taking a watchful eye protecting……..Made high up in the Chinchero region in Andes of Peru, these hold some unique symbology to the individuals that made them. Chinchero Shaman Mesa Cloths