June 2014


Mimbres Eagle Talking stick Rattles

These stunning new rattles are hand painted and each are unique. Absolutely beautiful! An amazing feel to all of them we have added several new painted options as these are now very popular. Mimbre Rattles


New 5″ Californian White Sage

Due to the popular demand for this Californian white sage we have added a new size with some extremely competitive prices. Sage has been used is is one of the most widely used smudging incenses. It has many healing abilities and can be used for cleansing and ritual ceremonies. Know from old by the Native American Indians the white sage is different to the Desrt sage which has a different fragrance. Both amazing! Incenses


Genuine Abalone Shells-New Sizes

Genuine Abalone shells are amazing strongly textured that symbolise the waters and the feminine…..Can be used as a sacred object, for an altar and as a smudge dish for the use with different incense in particular sage! Choosing a size is quite simply how much substance or elegant you need the shell. The XS is ideal for small leaves while the XL is great to use with larger sage wands. ABALONE SHELLS New Sizes added!


Full Moon

Nearing full moon and Summer Solstice round the corner it seems surreal…………… Time moving onwards, busy with ideas and how they will manifest in all the cogs of working………..Full of contemplation looking forward to how we fit and make our associations with it all……..Certainly enjoying these late summers nights! Whats next? Full moon this month – Feels like a celebration, a time of peace and absorbing the warm sun……. So Happy full moon! Looking forward to celebrating summer solstice with friends……..!