July 2014


Shaman Black Archetype Woven Inner Cloths

Chinchero Shaman Archetype Woven Inner Cloths: These are specially woven for us with the 4 key archetypes in mind that are woven into the cloth into each corner. Black representing calmness, protection, the pachamama (mother earth) which is also signified with the red for the feminine! These high quality woven pieces are ideal for holding medicine stones as a stand alone smaller cloth or as an set for the larger mesa cloth and matching bag. The inner cloth is about our inner world and how we hold it and the... Read More



The Qero paqo shaman live high up in the Andes in South America. Some still at the harsh high altitude working within community and others mixing and travelling back at more forgiving lower altitudes. We source and support the Qeros community exchanging food with them and money if they prefer for textiles that for many have served an immediate purpose. Many of the textiles have unique family symbol’s adding with the highly decorative colours the symbolise elements or power animals they feel will hold them at that time. For some... Read More


Studio & Office Move

Please note: Due to moving all orders will be delayed between 2nd August – 8th August 14. All orders will be shipped by the 10th via priority service. We apologise for any inconvenience.


New Mesa Cloths added

Beautiful new cloths arrived from the High Andes in Peru from Qero shamans. Each holding there unique quality we source directly from the village community. New Mesa Cloths added


Obsidian Scrying Mirror Large – 14 cm

 Obsidian Scrying Mirror Large – 14 cm Scrying mirrors or scrying pools have been used by medicine men and women for divinating, seeing into and beyond the spirit world…. The properties of obsidian is simply protection, grounding, prophecy, mystery and transformation. Which guards and secure! These scrying mirrors can be used on an altar and for individual divination, seeing ones self or what ever as you set the intention as! They are highly polised.


Grey Heart Bowl-Set of 2Pcs

Grey Heart Bowl-Set of 2Pcs Add a touch of rustic romance to your home with this pair of grey heart bowls. Made from cement, they really suit a shabby chic interior, and could be used to store a variety of objects.  


New Hanging Heart Tealight Holder – Cream 18cm

Hanging Heart Tea Light Holder These new Hanging Heart Tea Light Holders are extremely beautiful and versatile. Use to bring heart light into a space, ritual, ceremony or special occasion. Made from metal coloured cream they have small heart shapes cut out so the hearts light up the space they are in! Ideal for indoor and outside use. Each hook system to hang.