August 2014


Sustainably harvested Palo Santo Sacred Incense

Volume Discounts added for sustainable and traditionally harvested Palo Santo Sacred Incense! Not cut for sale under license, just organically cleared and re planted securing the future plantation & forests for local its local community & economy! The plantation is protected and apart of a Pachamama Alliance state committed to preserving!!!! Palo Santo Packet Palo Santo Bulk 100% Palo Santo Essential Oil


Agua De Florida Water price reduction/volume discounts added

Since becoming the European distributor for the Peruvian Genuine Shaman Agua de Florida Water we have been looking at the pricing structure and wholesale discounts. With exchange rates in favour we would like to pass this discount on to our customers. So we are pleased to announce a reduction of costs on all volume order prices with the addition to some larger volume discounts. If you wish to become a distributor we will happily talk with you about these prices in detail with the available options. Please call or email... Read More