November 2014


New Optimum Blenders & Slow Juicers!

DISCOUNT CODE: Buy 2 machines and save £40.00 or Special OFFER: Wide Mouth Slow Juicer save £30.00 CODE: INTRO30GBP (VALID for 2 weeks 17th DEC 14). See site for details. Links below. Optimum Juicers and Blenders are leading the way in design, reliability. Optimum are consider to be premium products that compare directly with Viatmix, blendtec and Kurvings. The Optimum 9400 has gained international praise from chefs and food enthusiasts as a great-quality product for making not only smoothies and juices, but a range of functions including heating, freezing, kneading,... Read More


Creating Sacred Space & Meditations – Newsletter

A selection of high quality cards, incense’s and sprays that offer help and support during meditation and times of need. The Cards have stunning powerful images that represent the organising principles of creation. Ideal to invoke a sacred space around you or somewhere…….. Calling on the four archetypical principles of creation, serpent/snake, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Eagle, the creative feminine – Pachamama and the dynamic order of the masculine, the heavens of Inti Tai Tai invites these powerful allies……..! Ideal for individuals and groups learning to connect or simply to meditate with... Read More


Postage & Shipping Charges

We have amended many of our shipping charges. In the main we have made a reduction in costs due to the Royal mail reducing sizes of parcels which means we can pass the saving back to our customers! In a few places we have made an increase to help with cost of shipping not being met. Our wish is only to cover shipping cost we get charged. Delivery & Returns Please feel free to contact us about costs or queries on future orders that you may have.