January 2015


Weather-Impaired Deliveries-Severe Snow!

With apologies we are are experiencing delays in shipping goods due to weather conditions. Please be aware we will ship any outstanding orders asap weather permitting. We will keep you up-to-date. Warm Regards


Shaman Spirit Water – Agua De Florida Water

Agua De Florida Water is known world wide as a shamanic cleansing spirit water. It’s used by many indigenous healers, the Q’ero Paqo medicine people of Peru use it for its unique ability to clear heavy energy and cleanse the human light energy field and surrounding space. Used during ritual ceremony for healing processes, opening sacred space, feeding sacred altars and healing baths, it is also used as an every-day cologne, a body deodorizer and skin care preparation. It can be applied directly or via an atomizer bottle as a... Read More


Reduced Pricing for Glass bottles, Lid & Atomisers

Further reductions for glass bottles lids and atomiser tops. We pass on savings on any quantity discounts we obtain to support in best possible ways remaining competitively priced for existing and new customers……. Glass bottle with Atomiser – Atomiser – Bottle. Re-useable bottles and spray tops that are regularly used for Agua de Florida water, shamans cleanse: Leaving neat or diluting with spring water for safe atomised distribution rather than the traditional spritizing via the mouth. Alternatively mix used when making your own recipe of cleansing spray or oral dropper... Read More


Negative Cleansing with Rue

Rue has long been used in South America for its negative cleansing abilities. One story was told to me that if an evil spirit was thought to be attached to an individual the woman would tie rue onto the souls of an individuals feet over night drawing out the negative energy! Rue Spray & Soap One things for sure it is widely used, the scent has a floral tone to it and can be used in either soap or spray form.


Agua De Florida Soap BACK IN STOCK!

Finally the ever popular Agua de Florida soaps are back in stock!!!! £3.49 each or quantity discounts available! Ideal for cleansing the body. Peruvian Agua De Florida Water Soap, Cleanses The Energy Body with a fresh light citrus lemon scent. Agua De Florida Soap is used in South America by shaman’s for cleansing and healing properties. Used to clear heavy energy around the bodies energy field. Fresh light lemon scent.