February 2015


‘Journey’ Album by Iza Moon Sit back, relax and join me on a Journey, a Journey of remembrance, remembrance of our eternal place in this boundless Universe. May the word and song guide you to that inner place of stillness and serenity, that place where we can connect with the power of our Divine Essence, where we can be filled with the peace of unconditional love, that place where we can realise our true selves, recognise our infinite being…remember who we really are…. With Love & Light, Iza Moon x “There’s something very enchanting... Read More


Balancing MIND BODY & SOUL with Juicing

          OPTIMUM 600 – Testimonial / Ambassador Link – Sacred Essence Sacred Essence supports ‘Todays Living with Ancient Traditions ‘. Offering a unique range of products that supports the MIND, BODY and SOUL in today’s modern living. ABOUT Sacred Essence is about connecting the people of today with the ancient wisdom of yesterday – supporting individual’s well-being and healing. By providing a market place for powerful resources we are building a community of energy to foster powerful change in the world. We love working with... Read More


Optimum Juicers and Blenders – Testimonials

Juicers and Blenders – Testimonials PDF Sacred Essence – Optimum Blender & Juicer Testimonials 2015 KATES MAGIC BUBBLE – GLOBALLY RENOWNED RAW FOOD EXPERT – OPTIMUM 9400 MY BLENDER OF CHOICE. Kate Magic – Raw Living & Kate’s Magic Bubble Globally renowned raw food expert Kate Magic has over two decades of experience of raw eating and is the Creative Director of the Raw Living and Kate’s magic Bubble website. The author of four raw lifestyle books, Kate tours internationally giving talks and workshops on raw foods which showcase her... Read More