March 2015


Matching Brightly Coloured Mesa & Inner Cloths Arrived!

Matching Chinchero Shaman woven mesa / ‘Mestana’ cloth and inner cloth ‘Wachala’. These stunning made cloths are made as you would expect in high quality natural dyed local wools. Edge with the eyes of protection these cloths are excellent for altar and ceremonial use. Made high up in the Andes in Peru by individuals that hold ethics and hand making traditions that is being phased out across the world. Simply stunning and more importantly SACRED. The mestana or known as mesa has many meaning but in short altar – mesa... Read More


New Chumpi Stones in Stock!

New Chumpi ceremonial stones arrived! Woweee, its like Christmas here. Suddenly the Chumpi Stones have taken off. Being used for rites of passage and initiations across different traditions these powerful stones represent each one of the seven chakras being handmade specific to that chakra. The baby chumpi’s have been requested specially as they are used to gift ‘Rites of Passage and the Chumpi’s’ for new borns! They seem to be buzzing in here today! We are awaiting the ceremonial belts to be added later this week to complement the sets!... Read More


New Vogel Extraction Crystals 2XL

New Vogel 100% clear extraction crystals just arrived. Our largest ever 13 sided crystal 2XL at an amazing 440gms! Beautiful, large and solid in the hand a whopping 440gsm has an amazing high vibration!


Drum Voices & Care Details

Drums: Beautifully hand crafted natural skin Native American drums made traditionally. Remo buffalo synthetic skin drums ideal for ambient weather conditions. Used widely for shamanic journeying, sweat lodges, fire, meditation, reiki and dancing circles. Remo Buffalo Synthetic Drums: Perfect to travel with, excellent sound that holds in all weathers. The 16” is a favorite choice as it tones well for its size and is easy to carry and transport. The 22” benefits from a deeper earth tone. A case to protect the skin is advisable as this helps hold the... Read More


Fitness – Mind Body & Soul!

We have been looking at Fitness and how our Mind Body & Soul balances between, or rather distinguishes and adjusts to it all. There is a lot in the press with various authors sharing understanding bringing all three together. Alberto Villoldo’s NEW book ‘One Spirit Medicine’ looks at what Shamans have known for millennia. These wise old sages were true masters of prevention, here Alberto invites us to reboot our biofield to detoxify the brain with superfoods, using cleansing techniques, meditation and very importantly to exercise whether that be walking,... Read More


Young Living Essential Oils Added

We are pleased to announce we have added the complete range of Young Livings blended and single essential oils. We have become a key distributor for these wonderful oils that continue to grow in the market. The key point really is the way they are made and from what. With so many oils on the market we spent a great deal of time looking or rather sampling oils from the the most inexpensive, most renowned and then the most expensive. While Young Living do not fit into the ‘inexpensive’ side... Read More