July 2015


New Peruvian Arrow Meteorites

New Peruvian Arrow Meteorites Peruvian Arrow Meteorite Khuya Stone. Colour and approx size: 3.5″ 90mm x 1.5″ 40mm. Weight 280g Black. Supplied in a Peruvian brightly coloured bag. Use: Sacred Stone, said to have fast powerful capabilities. (Lighting fast). Said to be super natural from the stars with god like abilities allowing quick and fast transformations! These khuyas have been sourced from a sham collector in Peru high in the Andes. NB Meteorite validation cannot be made but they certainly feel powerful and come from a good reliable source. Purchased... Read More


Chumpi Points 8,9,10,11 & 12 arrived!

We are pleased to announce that Chumpi Points 8,9,10,11 & 12 have arrived! Hand made locally in the high Andes these chumpi points connect to our higher chakras that sit out side of field. Above our field if that makes sense. Our higher self and all things! Can be collected to add to a standard set of 7 and wrapped with the ceremonial chumpi belts. Sacred Essence Qero Chumpi Stones Sacred Essence – Ceremonial Chumpi Belts


Qero Ceremonial Chumpi Belts added

Qero, Andean and Chinchero Ceremonial Chumpi Belts added. Used in the Andean chumpi bands ceremony and either to wrap and hold chumpi stones or to wrap a client to re enforce a particular band. These hand woven belts are made and anceint traditons with symbology having a very specific use. Widely known in South America the bands wrap the chumpi stones holding them safe and held whilst not in use. Wrapping seems complexed at first but is done by folding the belt at 45 degrees then ending (over itself) and... Read More


Peruvian Shaman Textiles

Textiles normally run low by the summer and we are currently increasing and adjusting these levels to keep the choice and availability as you would expect from us:). We will be shopping over the next few weeks again and adding some interesting  new items as well as replenishing current popular stocked items. Let us know if you have a particular requirement! Have a great weekend Sacred Essence Sacred Essence Peruvian shaman Textiles.


Supporting Mind Body & Soul Balancing with Altrient C Lypo Spheric Vitamin C LivOn Labs

Altrient C Lypo Spheric Vitamin C LivOn Labs RRP £32.95 Our Price £24.95 Highest quality absorption around! Over the last few years I have been curious at how we individually support our systems…..Through busy hectic life styles,  how we eat, rest and how this impacts on our everydayness…………….How we restore and balance our Mind Body and Soul……. What we know is that the body doesn’t lie, our minds give us the best possible reasons and solutions, but do we listen to the body or the mind…………..and then what do we... Read More