December 2015


Genuine Palo Santo, Rose & Kananga Water has arrived!

Yeahhhhhhhh! Lanman & Kemp Peru have just sent our new shipment of Genuine Palo Santo – Rose (Rosas) & Kananga water. While we are very excited about this we only have limited stocks as these were sent as samples requested a very long time ago!!!!!! However we will be brining larger stocks on the next shipment due in the new year! Please see links below: Sacred Essence Aqua De Palo Santo water – This will compliment the very popular Sacred essence Palo Santo Incense selection! Sacred essence Aqua De Rosas... Read More


Christmas Posting Delays

CHRISTMAS POSTING DELAYS HAVE STARTED! Please be advised that Christmas post delays starting happening would you believe 2 weeks ago! What this means is a 24 Hour Parcel via Royal Mail is taking 3-4 days and a 48 Hour Parcel is taking 7-8 days! These seem to be worse case scenarios but I am afraid to say that some customers have and are experiencing delays! If your order size automatically upgrades to a next day courier (NOT ROYAL MAIL) then the lead times are just increased slightly by 1 day... Read More