Long Awaited – Peruvian Qero Textiles back in stock!

Sacred Essence – Peruvian Qero Paqo Textiles back in stock! Yeahhhhhh!

Its been a busy year in the shop already. Constantly looking for the right products and working again with high demand we have finally managed to get all the new textiles onto the website. We can only apologise for the delay but we do have specific requirements and work with key individuals which, whilst this can cause delays we are very happy to wait for these wonderful products!

Working through them, sitting and listening to their stories for many might sound a little worrying but each cloth has its own tale to tell thats woven into each of them….This could simply be the lineage and descendants coming through but if you listen on the story begins to unfold further. Things like balance, beauty, femininity, masculinity, the waters and oceans or the power of the sun are just some key aspects.

What we know is, they are all  very powerful and holding cloths that we love! We pride ourselves with the way we work with all the shop products and are filled with gratitude to be able to bring these to Europe allowing them to find new homes.

Enjoy looking for your new cloth.

Have a great day.

All from Sacred Essence

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