New Qero Shaman Textiles & Prices!

Our hand selected textiles are as popular as ever, we are currently updating all the textiles with new images and reduced pricing! Whilst the exchange rates seem to be not in favour of GBP Sterling, other aspects have helped in us reducing where possible costs….

We have a unique way we select, sit, photograph and upload textiles………. Some like to remain hidden for a few months and others like to go straight out to work! Whilst its very time consuming doing this, it is also very grounding!

All our cloths and bags come from not only the Qero Shaman in the high Andes, but key mountain shaman that make these beautiful symbolic textiles in ways that have been forgotten by many and duplicated by machines without the quirks and intentions that underpin these cloths…..

Ponchos finally will be added early next week with the mesa and inner cloths being uploaded tomorrow!

Enjoy browsing!

Sacred Essence

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