Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Sacred Essence: Another year has nearly passed and much has grown and evolved. Indeed it has been a very busy year!

Exciting plans are ahead as we finally get to grips with opening the Lake District Shop. This now after being planned for the last 18 months should open by Spring 2018!

We hold dear to us our business, having the right staff was the goal set, to give us the support to continue with the web adding capacity for the high street shop. This we now have!

While the foot print of the shop will be smaller than anticipated it will firmly hold the same qualities having the advantage of being in one of the most scenic places in the Lake District. Oldman Coniston sitting high above us with the adjoining fells forming a basin around the village and Coniston Water is all very surreal! The mountain weather ever present and changing in a moment, are just some of the qualities we live with each day!

Thank You!

We love what we do, working with artisans from around the world supplying unique and beautifully made items. These we source responsibly, fair-trade and ethically. Without community and tradition this would not be possible, by this I mean we are working within community that supports community, from small key artisans and high quality makers to shops, groups, class’s and training therapists that purchase the items that find there way to us from many different parts of the world!

So a big thank you to us all keeping this alive.

One commercial addition in recent months is our reviews platform. While we resisted yet another cost, feed back seem to point towards confidence in dealing with companies direct…and as such we felt the best way to publicise our commitment and quality was on an independent reviews platform. This allows all to see more than just compliments, but would allow us to improve any re-occurring themes if required….

Whilst we are not infallible to the occasional lost parcel, a broken gift or the very occasional picking error, we felt the need to continue with transparency. We get some very nice emails indeed but when we integrated the reviews platform this shared many positive and few negative reviews. These can be seen here: Reviews Platform

Big Request!

Take a moment to remember all those that have helped you, give something back to perhaps those who are less fortunate and bring a smile to as many as possible. Not just Christmas but all year round!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in what ever you are doing!

Annie & Simon





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