Pi Stone Donuts – Munay Ki / Pendants

We are excited with the new stocks arriving of Pi stone donuts. Its funny call it small things but we love unwrapping, looking sorting and uploading the products to the site.

We have added some extra options now. The ever popular Clear Quartz and the new Turquoise is simply beautiful. Capturing images is a very time consuming job and some of these like to remain a surprise to viewers as the colour and definition is very hard to obtain. The picture of the turquoise above looks blue and actually its green!

If you are called to buy any of them you will not be disappointed.

We have also added some extra descriptions to help choice. Whilst we love energetics we know most look for a visual aid.

The retail showroom space has been a big project over the last 12 months but we will post something about this very soon!

A pi stone, torus or taurus goes back in time with sacred geometry. Depicted as many things centre of all. Encompasses the auric energetic field and depicts its movement. Pi stones offer a decorative meaningful kuya, khuya power stone made from a type of crystal or stone. Widely seen as jewellery the pi stone can be worn as a pendant. Lace / tie can be purchased separately.

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