March 2020


New Spouting Spring & Singing Bowls

Singing Spring Bowl Or Spouting Bowl: The principle of the spouting water spring bowl is similar to a crystal bowl or singing bowl. It produces unique sounds! And an array of water vibrational changes in and around the bowl. The frequency of the bowl changes producing the most amazing water spouts. Application: Place the water spring bowl on a support such as a leather cushion or felt support. Fill with clean water to the rim. By slowly rubbing the handles on their polished part with wet palms, first a droning... Read More


New Ceramic Smudge Bowls £18.99ea

Goddess or female deity, beautiful, powerful and wholesome. Beautifully made Goddess ceramic smudge bowl. Design & symbols associated with Spiritual, Pagan and Wiccan traditions. These smudge bowls are made and internally shaped to hold and stop a smudge wand or stick from rolling. They are made from ceramic stoneware. Black ceramic smudge bowl with a colourful Pentacle design that depicts a Pentagram, Tree of Life and the 5 natural elements. Smudge bowls are used for burning herbs or holding lit smudge sticks. The tree of life symbol for centuries has... Read More