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Long Awaited – Peruvian Qero Textiles back in stock!

Sacred Essence – Peruvian Qero Paqo Textiles back in stock! Yeahhhhhh! Its been a busy year in the shop already. Constantly looking for the right products and working again with high demand we have finally managed to get all the new textiles onto the website. We can only apologise for the delay but we do have specific requirements and work with key individuals which, whilst this can cause delays we are very happy to wait for these wonderful products! Working through them, sitting and listening to their stories for many... Read More


Re-stocked Californian White Sage

Re-stocked Californian White Sage: Sacred Essence – Californian White Sage Selection! This popular product seems to be more and more in demand, whilst we continue to grow the stock levels so does the demand!! Anyhow new stock has arrived with the prices kept in line with previous shipments barring in mind the dollar exchange rate fluctuations…… California White Sage Wands have a strong aromatic scent. Smudging is a traditional ritual from native american people and many other cultures, (to smudge is to purify with smoke). The wand is lite and blown... Read More


Website Improvements and Delivery Postage Methods

We are making further upgrades to the website with this biggest one due towards the end of next month. This will add a fresh modern feel, a further level of support,  helping towards an already smooth ordering process! Feeling very excited we have been working hard towards some initial changes that are already helping EU VAT companies purchase direct instead of placing orders via email correspondence.  Other changes consist of adding new products, researching new items and sitting with the current options, how they all work and what they offer! Some... Read More


Website Service Update-Resolved!

Last week many experienced website and processing order difficulties. I pleased to say that in 8 years this is the first time we have experienced this! But I am pleased to say that all the technical difficulties experienced by the web hosting companies has been resolved for many thousands of websites including ours!!!!! Phewwwwwwww. We would like to thank you for your patience and email communications!      


Intermittent Temporary Website Technical Issue

Intermittent Temporary Website Technical Issue Well they say there is a first for everything! Yesterday and today customers are experiencing temporary issues with placing orders. Our hosting companies servers are being brought down by a series of attacks by web entrepreneurs that like to show there ability and expertise in taking down large audiences, sellers and web advertisers all at once! These events are outside of our control that is effecting 1000’s of websites! What this means is for some they cannot access the website and for others they will... Read More

Bulk Essential Oil – PALO SANTO 1000ML

NEW LOWER PRICE: We continue to review our prices and reduce them where possible without damaging our network of communities, artisans and small business’s we work with. We re please to pass on the new prices for the same high quality pure essential oil that is wild harvested sustainably. Sacred Essence – Bulk Palo Santo 100% Pure Essential Oil Burseara Graveolens known as palo santo wood or essential oil. Please allow 3-4 week shipping time due to the oil being distilled as required. Sustainably harvested Pure Palo Santo from naturally... Read More


Back in Stock! Palo Santo Ex-Foliate Soap

Palo Santo Natural Glycerine Ex-foliate Soap. Sourced from a naturally downed trees and harvested sustainably. Fresh Citrus fragrance that has extremely high cleansing properties. High antiseptic properties. Used by shamans and individual in energy practices, ritual & ceremony all over the world. Uses: Cleanse, the body. Use as an antiseptic and repellent. Palo Santo Glycerine Ex-foliate Soap, Know for its extremely high cleansing and antiseptic properties. Skin testing is always advisable for possible sensitivities or skin reactions. Sourced sustainably from wild naturally occurring 30 year grown trees, allowed to fall... Read More


New-Peruvian Qero Ayni Despacho Bundle Kit

Sacred Essence New – Peruvian Qero Ayni Despacho Bundle Kits! PERUVIAN QERO Ayni Despacho Bundle Kit. Based on Peruvian Q’ero Despacho Ceremony, to bring balance and peace to given situations. Ideal use: The Ayni Despacho is the base foundation despacho that builds upon all other despacho’s. Adding or removing different symbolic items and changing the intent. The Ayni brings balance, right relationship to situations, places and people! Use for the North Despacho’s. Itu and Etu. To honor and thank the place you were born and to welcome and celebrate the... Read More


NEW IN: Four Winds Society Ceremonial Knife

NEW IN: Sacred Essence – Four Winds Society Ceremonial Knife £285.00 The Four Winds Society Ceremonial Knife. A small, hand-crafted solid silver Chilean knife created for use in ceremony to cut cords and bindings. At three inches, its size makes it extremely portable. Hummingbird energy. Approx 30g. Stone inset is turquoise. Knife A small, hand-crafted solid silver chilean knife created for use in ceremony to cut cords and bindings. At three inches, its size makes it extremely portable. Hummingbird shapes are now available.


Exclusive Shaman Mesa Cloths BACK IN STOCK!

This strong and bright cloth is back in stock! Very popular would sound like we help 100s find new homes…But when every cloth is unique with its only sense and feeling anything more than one is a lot! That said this is specially made for us, and we help move quite a few around the world………while its the same prescription, due to the energy of the moment and natural process’s that it goes through to be born can and does vary slight with size and colouration batch to batch…….. We... Read More


New – Alberto Villoldo A Shaman’s Miraculous Tools for Healing (Paperback)

Sacred Essence New – Alberto Villoldo A Shaman’s Miraculous Tools for Healing (Paperback) with Anne E O’Neill. One of the pioneers in the areas of energy healing and shamanism recounts twelve stories of miraculous healings; twelve stories in which, through the use of shamanic energetic techniques, people experience extraordinary physical and emotional healings. Meet a dancer who could barely walk until a series of sessions with Villoldo, a business woman who is freed from headaches and discovers the benefits of an integrated interior life and a young woman who confronts... Read More


Dream Time by Deuter (CD)

Another great CD from Deuter. To purchase: Sacred Essence – Dream Time by Deuter (CD) Deuter says that the flavour and the melodies of Dream Time are a little different than that of his meditation albums. For example, the first piece in this album has a banjo, an instrument that he has never used before, which has a different sound. This album is about taking reality as a dream, each melody carrying the listener through his own dream. 1    Harlequin & Pierrot    06:57 2    Shaman Flight    08:48 3    Moving Seagrass  ... Read More


Stunning Sacred Essence – New Medicine Buddha Mantra CD by Sarva-Antah –   A must have listen! The Medicine Buddha mantra is a powerful mantra. Positive and powerful mantra that is wonderful to listen to. Listen deeply to its powerful mantra that is sung with deep concentration and a clear intention. Supports the use of medicine and awakens the healing power within ourselves. Mantras from Tibet: Medicine Buddha Mantra features one continuous track, has been sung 108 times by a choir of men, women and children, lasting a total of 78... Read More


Genuine Palo Santo, Rose & Kananga Water has arrived!

Yeahhhhhhhh! Lanman & Kemp Peru have just sent our new shipment of Genuine Palo Santo – Rose (Rosas) & Kananga water. While we are very excited about this we only have limited stocks as these were sent as samples requested a very long time ago!!!!!! However we will be brining larger stocks on the next shipment due in the new year! Please see links below: Sacred Essence Aqua De Palo Santo water – This will compliment the very popular Sacred essence Palo Santo Incense selection! Sacred essence Aqua De Rosas... Read More


Christmas Posting Delays

CHRISTMAS POSTING DELAYS HAVE STARTED! Please be advised that Christmas post delays starting happening would you believe 2 weeks ago! What this means is a 24 Hour Parcel via Royal Mail is taking 3-4 days and a 48 Hour Parcel is taking 7-8 days! These seem to be worse case scenarios but I am afraid to say that some customers have and are experiencing delays! If your order size automatically upgrades to a next day courier (NOT ROYAL MAIL) then the lead times are just increased slightly by 1 day... Read More


Young Livings Sacred Frankincense Vs Frankincense

Recently we have seen a massive influx for orders on these two products from Young Living. Both simply irresistible but different in application. Young Livings Sacred Frankincense Vs Frankincense and an article taken from YL blog: Sacred Essence – YL Sacred Frankincense Sacred Essence – YL Frankincense YL BLOG: The holidays are fast approaching, and before we know, it will all be over.  Before we get to that point, now is a good time to highlight one of the most popular essential oils of the season: frankincense.  Did you know... Read More


Incense Facts – New Pricing

As a part of our continued cost savings we have added further savings across different incense ranges with the ability for trade purchases to obtain volume discount. Trade customers are requested to contact us direct or order via the website unless quantities are mixed not obtaining the relevant pricing on the web. Incense is what we class as one of the staple foods: Personal and space clearing undertaken not only removes toxic energy field build up but freshens and dissolves unwanted aliments leaving an attractive clear pleasant space!!!!! While we... Read More


Delivery Rates Reduced for Ireland and Jersey!

Continuously we monitor postage costs and make savings when ever possible. We are please to say we have made further savings overall on the delivery costs to Jersey and Ireland. Occasionally we find that a product weight is incorrect charging a higher rate or we use an alternative shipping method making a cost saving……So what we do on a by order basis is check the delivery costs and make sure they correspond with the order charge as we do not wish to overcharge keeping overall item charges  as low as... Read More