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Delivery Rates Reduced for Ireland and Jersey!

Continuously we monitor postage costs and make savings when ever possible. We are please to say we have made further savings overall on the delivery costs to Jersey and Ireland. Occasionally we find that a product weight is incorrect charging a higher rate or we use an alternative shipping method making a cost saving……So what we do on a by order basis is check the delivery costs and make sure they correspond with the order charge as we do not wish to overcharge keeping overall item charges  as low as... Read More


New Peruvian Arrow Meteorites

New Peruvian Arrow Meteorites Peruvian Arrow Meteorite Khuya Stone. Colour and approx size: 3.5″ 90mm x 1.5″ 40mm. Weight 280g Black. Supplied in a Peruvian brightly coloured bag. Use: Sacred Stone, said to have fast powerful capabilities. (Lighting fast). Said to be super natural from the stars with god like abilities allowing quick and fast transformations! These khuyas have been sourced from a sham collector in Peru high in the Andes. NB Meteorite validation cannot be made but they certainly feel powerful and come from a good reliable source. Purchased... Read More


Chumpi Points 8,9,10,11 & 12 arrived!

We are pleased to announce that Chumpi Points 8,9,10,11 & 12 have arrived! Hand made locally in the high Andes these chumpi points connect to our higher chakras that sit out side of field. Above our field if that makes sense. Our higher self and all things! Can be collected to add to a standard set of 7 and wrapped with the ceremonial chumpi belts. Sacred Essence Qero Chumpi Stones Sacred Essence – Ceremonial Chumpi Belts


Qero Ceremonial Chumpi Belts added

Qero, Andean and Chinchero Ceremonial Chumpi Belts added. Used in the Andean chumpi bands ceremony and either to wrap and hold chumpi stones or to wrap a client to re enforce a particular band. These hand woven belts are made and anceint traditons with symbology having a very specific use. Widely known in South America the bands wrap the chumpi stones holding them safe and held whilst not in use. Wrapping seems complexed at first but is done by folding the belt at 45 degrees then ending (over itself) and... Read More


Peruvian Shaman Textiles

Textiles normally run low by the summer and we are currently increasing and adjusting these levels to keep the choice and availability as you would expect from us:). We will be shopping over the next few weeks again and adding some interesting  new items as well as replenishing current popular stocked items. Let us know if you have a particular requirement! Have a great weekend Sacred Essence Sacred Essence Peruvian shaman Textiles.


Supporting Mind Body & Soul Balancing with Altrient C Lypo Spheric Vitamin C LivOn Labs

Altrient C Lypo Spheric Vitamin C LivOn Labs RRP £32.95 Our Price £24.95 Highest quality absorption around! Over the last few years I have been curious at how we individually support our systems…..Through busy hectic life styles,  how we eat, rest and how this impacts on our everydayness…………….How we restore and balance our Mind Body and Soul……. What we know is that the body doesn’t lie, our minds give us the best possible reasons and solutions, but do we listen to the body or the mind…………..and then what do we... Read More


New Shells Just Arrived with wholesale discounts!

New Shells Just Arrived with wholesale discounts! We are pleased to have found a new partner who supply amazing shells. We have been able to look at the discounts and pass on these on for volume orders. Shells are used in a variety of ways. For ritual and ceremony if could be for a despacho prayer bundle or for an altar whereby you can add representations for the seas and oceans. These shells are deep and add a lightness being able to fill them with water. Can be also used... Read More


Agua De Florida Water now in stock and shipping from MONDAY 29th June!

The container has arrived with the latest shipment of the Peruvian Genuine Agua De Florida Water! Orders and volume supply continue to grow and we are back stocking it in much larger volume which we have agreed with the factory. We also agreed a sliding cost scale for the supply to shops! Please place your orders in the usual way! Agua De Florida Water is known world wide as a shamanic cleansing spirit water. It’s used by many indigenous healers, the Q’ero Paqo medicine people of Peru use it for... Read More


New discounts and volume related discounts on Californian White Sage

New Discounts and volume related pricing just added! We are really pleased to keep improving what we do, listening to feed back and working with our artisans we have just had to look at resourcing and working with a farm over the water to help with the supply on what seems to be a big shortage supply for white sage. Prices have escalated and we have found the supply to be infrequent. Fortunately it didn’t take long to realise that something needed shifting here. Either stop supply or re focus.... Read More


Reduced Pricing on Bulk Palo Santo Wood

Reduced Pricing on Sustainable Wild Harvested Bulk Palo Santo Wood or Pre Packeted and Palo Santo incense & essential oil proprieties data sheet. About 5 years ago we realised that the quality and supply was not what we had been use to. Even by purchasing a license we were asked to buy tonnage much higher than we required and so asked to buy another license that meant it would cause other shipping issues…the product was not the same quality…… mixed with other WOOD! and not managed or traditionally harvested……….mmmmmhhh! Now... Read More


New Pricing Genuine Peruvian Agua De Florida Water – Shaman Cleanse

New Pricing for Genuine Peruvian Agua De Florida Water – Shaman’s Cleanse. RRP £12.95 Our Price £11.65 1+ with a whopping discount for pallet sizes! We have seen a massive growth since becoming the European distributor of this extremely powerful and popular shaman cleansing water. We are pleased to be able to offer this product that due to the export restrictions seen from South America  18 months ago meant the shipping would come to an end! While prices have increased we have limited this as much as possible for the... Read More


Mimbres Talking Stick Rattle Serpent Snake

Mimbres Serpent Talking Stick Gourd Rattle – Ideal for talking circles this XL sized rattle is handmade and painted in the moment. Rattle designs and colour can vary rattle to rattle due to each one being made from natural products. RRP £45.00 our price £39.95


By Far the best Animal Spirit Guide Book

RRP £12.95 Our Price £8.95  By Far the best Animal Spirit Guide Book This book is not the most comprehensive but it certainly covers all the main animal guides in an easy read rich version. Working with clients or simply lost in the moment is when this books helps shift the mind allowing the body to work with what is on the table! I use it with clients or as a guide allowing me to lead or lead another onto a thread to the meaning that sits behind what has... Read More


One Spirit Medicine

One Spirit Medicine RRP £12.95 Our Price £8.95 Today our minds, our emotions, our relationships and our bodies are out of kilter. We know it, but we tend to ignore it until something brings us up short – a worrying diagnosis, a broken relationship or simply an inability to function harmoniously in everyday life. When things are a little off, we read a self-help book. When they’re really bad, we bring in oncologists to address cancer, neurologists to repair the brain and psychologists to help us understand our family of... Read More


Angelic Archangel Spray’s back in stock!

Angelic Archangel Spray’s back in stock! These popular sprays are simply delicious! Available as: Archangel Michael’s ‘Truth’,  Metatron’s ‘Light’, Raphael’s ‘Healing’ or Uriel’s ‘Message’.   These Angelic Mist Sprays are truly amazing. Waking up when you shake them and allow the crystals inside to activate. Archangel Gabriel Message brings us her gifts of divine joy, liveliness, creativity, passion, intuition, visualisation and imagination. She is the angel of psychic development. Her name means “God has shown Himself”, and she is often mistaken as a male archangel. Gabriel encourages us to live... Read More


Matching Brightly Coloured Mesa & Inner Cloths Arrived!

Matching Chinchero Shaman woven mesa / ‘Mestana’ cloth and inner cloth ‘Wachala’. These stunning made cloths are made as you would expect in high quality natural dyed local wools. Edge with the eyes of protection these cloths are excellent for altar and ceremonial use. Made high up in the Andes in Peru by individuals that hold ethics and hand making traditions that is being phased out across the world. Simply stunning and more importantly SACRED. The mestana or known as mesa has many meaning but in short altar – mesa... Read More


New Chumpi Stones in Stock!

New Chumpi ceremonial stones arrived! Woweee, its like Christmas here. Suddenly the Chumpi Stones have taken off. Being used for rites of passage and initiations across different traditions these powerful stones represent each one of the seven chakras being handmade specific to that chakra. The baby chumpi’s have been requested specially as they are used to gift ‘Rites of Passage and the Chumpi’s’ for new borns! They seem to be buzzing in here today! We are awaiting the ceremonial belts to be added later this week to complement the sets!... Read More