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Bodytox® Ltd is the UK's leading brand of Detox Foot Patches, Natural Warm Patches and Lavender Sleep Patches. Bodytox products have been developed to combine the traditional legacies from herbal masters with modern science and advanced production techniques


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Bodytox was created and launched over a decade ago, and ever since its first appearance, it has been gaining market in the UK and abroad, established in many countries and trusted by thousands of consumers.

Bodytox believes quality and simplicity enhances usability and effectiveness. Based in London, they create products to portray a melting pot of culture, merging and supporting timeless ancient wisdom and combining them with modern science.

Bodytox is committed to innovation and dedicated years to research and combine the highest-quality

At Bodytox®, they believe that the answer to today’s challenges can be found in the heart of nature itself and it's timeless wisdom.

Using traditional and ancient knowledge, aligned to science and technology, you will discover products that promote purification, relaxation, health and being-well.

Bodytox® world class-leading range of foot patches Detox Foot Patches, Natural Warm Patches and Lavender Sleep Patches are recognised, trusted and loved by tens of thousands of people in the UK & Ireland.

Established more than 15 years, Bodytox® is now investing in research & developing new, scientifically advanced methods for supporting, maintaining and improving health & wellbeing.

Liposomal Liquid Glutathione is their latest creation. A sad aspect of modern living, where we are subject to immune-suppressing actions of ageing, is that most excess toxins come from the very things we endearingly use daily.

Environmental contaminants like the chemicals used in food & water, beauty and personal care products, and even some wellness supplements, combined with the stresses of a fast-paced lifestyle, take their toll. A

ll Bodytox® "detox your world" products ARE created to provide a more self-aware approach to caring for your body and mind, with the ultimate goal to achieve a healthy balance for enhanced quality living.