Sacred Essence Quartz Geode Cluster - 2 Halves Mirror Pair (Approx 6.5cm 5cm)

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Quartz Geode Cluster 2 halves mirrored pair. This is a small geode that's cut in half.  Sold as a pair. Sits large in your hand. Quartz crystals are high vibration stones known as a master healers stone.

Quartz geode with a small hollow inside lined with sparking white and clear quartz crystals.

Used in protection, Quartz has excellent all round properties. It is often used to increase healing energy and is used for protection. Often associated with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. In particular the white or transparent crystals have a strong effect.

  • 7-10cm in size
  • Approx weight 150-200gms
  • Please allow + or - 5% tolerance as this is a natural product
  • Uses: Quartz is said to have a strong healing energy that cleanses and brings balance.
Quartz geodes let you bring the balancing energy and beauty of quartz crystal into your life.
Quartz is said to have a strong healing energy that cleanses and brings balance.
The cave-like shape and large number of crystals is believed to amplify and diffuse energy into a space, allowing it to take effect gently over time.
This quartz geode is perfect for bringing the simple beauty and powerful energy of quartz into your home. Whether given just for its beauty or its fine crystal energy, it makes a wonderful gift for all occasions.

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