Sacred Essence Healing Crystal Grid 15cm

Healing Crystal Grid 15cm
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Stone properties crystal grid Healing* Rock crystal: Brings universal energies to the grid, amplifier. Green Calcite: Powerful cleanser, emotional balance, stimulates immune system. Amethyst: Healing, protection, removes negativity, increases positivity.

  • Material: Grid - Wood, Crystals can vary
  • Size approx: D:15cm
  • Please allow + or - 5% tolerance as this is a natural product, stone types can vary
  • Origin: India
  • Uses: Reiki, crystal grids, sacred stones.

A powerful tool for manifesting your wishes, based on the wisdom of Sacred Geometry. Place crystals upon the grid to connect them and to harness their energy to achieve an outcome or desire. The Flower is regarded as sacred geometry which holds deep spiritual meaning and enlightenment energies.

Grid set: Place where you can leave it for some time. Remove the stones from the bag and cleanse them with water and smudging incense. You can place them out side over night to let the moon and earth clear them.

Use your focus on your intention, create an affirmation and write it down on a piece of paper. Place the paper under the crystal at the centre of the grid. This represents the mission you are giving to the stones. Then place the other stones following the numbers on the graphic, while keeping your mind focused on your intention.

After, make some time to connect to your crystal grid regularly. For example, meditate a few minutes in front of it, every day. Open your mind to the positive changes. During the setup of the grid, be conscious of the property of each stones to amplify its energy.

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