Sacred Essence Serpent Totem Power Stone (Agate)

Serpent Agate
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  • Picture is not as stones - Agate can vary in colour from transparent, cream, yellow reds and purples.
  • Serpent Totem Power Stone (Agate).
  • Please note some agate is brown and some more black. All very beautiful!
  • Size approx. 30mm - 45mm.
  • Represents the archetypical energy and power of serpent.
  • Shrewdness, transformation, that what holds and binds us!
  • Agate properties: Protection, Strength, Harmony - balancing Yin & Yang
  • Use: When you need to deepen or reconnect with this power animal, meditate, hold or place on your sacred altar to work with it.

The totem stone is a representation or symbol of the animal spirit. The totem helps you to connect to its power and archetypical energy. Use at key times when you need reminding or deepening your connection to this power animal.




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