Qero Shamans Peruvian Khuya Stone Cross (11cm x 11cm x 3.5cm)

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This beautiful natural stone khuya has been skilfully carved into the shape of a cross. It serves as a medicine piece on the altar of a curandero as a holder of energy. This item is handmade in Cusco area of Peru.

  • Origin: Hand Carved in the Andes in Peru
  • Approx Size: D:11cm x W:11cm x D:3.5cm
  • Design: Andean Cross
  • Material: Hand carved local soapstone dressed and finished

Legend has it the LLAMA eyes, southern cross is to cast watchful eyes over the night sky.....

Shamans frequently use the dense energy of stones on their mesas, or altars and in their healing ceremonies.

The stones are used as medicine pieces to enhance the transfer of healing energies to the one being healed.

The word "khuya" comes from the Quechua word, khuyay, which means to love. Technically the Quechua word for stone is rumi, however, when a rumi becomes a stone of caring or a container of affection, it becomes a khuya. This therefore means it has been consecrated and set aside for a sacred purpose on the mesa. Purchased from a sacred artifact antique dealer these stones are extremely powerful and weigh quite a lot.

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