Qero Shamans Qero Ceremonial Natural 10 pointed Chumpi Stone (Large)

Point 10
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Chumpi sets are: 1- 7 points - which are bodily chakra connected. Beautifully hand carved out of soap stone. Points 8,9,10,11 & 12 are connected to the chakras outside of the physical body! Please see product description for a brief description of each point.

  • Ideal to add these points to a 7 pointed set.
  • Can be used with a chumpi ceremonial belt cloth.
  • Ideally suited for the Qero rites and rituals of the Andes.
  • Great for distance healing work, surrogates and client work present or not.
  • Hand Carved ceremonial stones from Peru.
  • Size approx. 45mm-55mm each. Weight: 190g
  • Each stone has a piece of Llama wool added this symbolises freedom, heroism, strength, perseverance, communication and one's success.

Chumpi stones correspond to: 1 point first chakra - Serpent energy- Sachamama; 2 points second chakra - Jaguar or Otorongo energy; 3 points 3rd chakra , solar plexis - sirra kinti or hummingbird energy; 4 points Heart -Eagle - centre off being; 5 Points Throat- Sun or Inti Energy, internal and external expression; 6 points, clarity & vison, Chuqui Illa; 7 points- Mama Couch, the seas and the oceans that connects all, the Moon or Mama-killa - Female energy; 8 points -The 4 Directions + Inter cardinal directions; 9 Points Wind Element to the stars; 10 points The 4 Directions within the stars & cosmos; 11 Points Coca Leaf K’intu; The cosmos and other beings the greater expanse. 12 Points The higher expanse that connects to the cosmos and the stars.

Ceremonial Chumpi Stones are hand carved in prayer from local Andean stone from the sacred mountains in Peru. They are carriers of sacred energy and attuned to each chakra and hold the energy of the sacred mountains. Notice the individual markings on each stone and each unique shape: Point one – The root chakra or base and so on up to the 7th chakra the crown with 7 points. Hand carved pictures vary but consist of local power sources. E.G: Inti-Sun, Coca leaf, Serpent, Jaguar, Eagle, Pachamama spiral connection to the earth and Chaska Kuna -The star beings.

Used in Ceremony & Ritual by Q’ero shamans in the Andean mountains & shamanic practitioners for a variety of ceremonies including the bands of protection, connecting to the lineage, kuya limpia and more. These are sacred medicine stones.

Summary: Hand Carved Peruvian Chumpi Stones 7 set. Healing Stones. For Ritual & Ceremony.

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