Qero Shamans Wayrunkuna Andean Divination Dice

Wayrunkuna Andean Divination Dice
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Wayru, meaning “cube” in Quechuan, have images instead of numbers.

Andean dice, carved from alabaster (huamanga), express six potent symbols of the Inka energy tradition. When used in divination, they set the energetics of what is to come. They set or add to the nature of the field upon which they are placed.

They can be rolled across the textile patterns and threads, set on images, or paired with sacred symbols of the cloth. Each Dice comes nestled in Llama hair with it’s own pouch or bag. A Wayrunkuna (dice).

  • Supplied in an Andean woven bag.
  • Each dice and pouch will vary as these are all hand carved and woven bags matched to the dice individually.
  • Approx size: Dice 20mm -25mm x 20mm -25mm.

Patterns are said to be the elements, the fields, nurturing, feeding, ploughing our world into existence. These dice seem to all represent the stars and wisdom, the moon joining all in unity.


These Andean Dice have images instead of numbers. They are carved from alabaster and express six potent symbols of the Inka energy tradition.

The dice can be used for: Describing field energetics Setting the nature of the engagement In interactions of energetic forces Shifting within the moving energy matrix Sensing and assimilating energies of new fields.

Used in Ceremony & Ritual by Q’ero shamans in the Andean mountains & shamanic practitioners for a variety of ceremonies including the bands of protection, connecting to the lineage, khuya limpia and more. These are sacred medicine stones.

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