Sacred Essence Crystal Chakra Engraved Round Shape Stone Set - 3.5CM

Round Shape 3.5cm
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A beautiful set of 7 flat, circular semi-precious stones in original chakra colours and symbols. Semi-precious stones: Red Jasper, Peach Aventurine, Golden Quartz, Green Aventurine, Sodalite, Amethyst & Lapis Lazuli. Comes in a velvet bag. Handmade products: colours and shapes can vary slightly.

Chakara Stone Set.

  • Crystal Chakra Engraved & Round Shaped Stone Set.
  • Size approx. Each stone approx 3.5cm
  • Weight: 350g.
  • Each stone's colour corresponds to the colour of the chakra.
  • Great for distance healing work, surrogates and client work present or not.
  • Crown (violet-white) Forehead (indigo) Throat (Blue) Heart (Green) Solar plexus (Yellow) Sacral (Orange) Base (Red).

The Seven Crystals:
Clear Quartz - Clarity, higher purpose
Amethyst - Spiritual, calming
Sodalite - Unifying, spiritual trust
Green Aventurine - Companion for the pioneering spirit
Yellow Onyx - Clearing, healing, energy amplifier
Carnelian - New life, stimulates change
Red Jasper - Grounding, stabilizing, healing


This Chakra Stone set comes with a collection of crystals and gemstones for chakra healing. The average size of gemstones is between 20mm-35mm. Each stone's colour corresponds to the colour of the chakra that it is connected to. Red is for the Base Chakra, Orange for the Sacral Chakra, Yellow for the Solar Plexus Chakra, Green for the Heart Chakra, Blue for the Throat Chakra, Indigo for the Third Eye Chakra, and Violet for the Crown Chakra. The additional clear crystal may be used for the Higher Crown Chakra by placing it higher above the head. Judy Hall gives the following chakra healing session in "The Crystal Bible": "When healing and balancing the chakras, an appropriate stone is placed on the chakra - on the front or back of the body, whichever is more comfortable. Leave for 15 minutes. Stones can be placed on all the chakras, or above the head and below the feet to perform certain tasks." The Chakra Stones Set is presented in a velvet bag.

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