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Nature's Design Sacred Geometry Mythos Flower Of Life Drinking .25cl Glass 24ct Gold (Energetic - Power)

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The Gold Flower of Life (24-carat gold). This Flower of Life is most frequently chosen by people in every country. It contains real Gold, which is renowned for it energising power. So this particular Flower of Life empowers, structures and revitalises water with life-force energies.

  • Colour - 24ct Gold (Energetic - Power).
  • Capacity 0.25 litre / 8.5 fl .oz each glass. (250ml)
  • Production: Machine made.
  • Size approx: H: 3.5" (9cm) W:3" (8cm)
  • Material lead-free glass suitable up to 70°C / 158° F.
  • Supplied 1 glass in a gift box.
  • Design - 24ct Gold Plated.

The Nature design drinking glasses are designed using the same principles as all Nature design glassware, and have the same effects on what is placed within them. These glasses come in four models: one basic and three different Flower-of-Life designs, just like the Alladin carafes.

The design of the cup “Mythos”, as with all our glassware, is made using the “natural law according to the golden ratio”. This mathematical model – found almost universally in nature – is often referred to as “Sacred Geometry”, because it is the geometry of life. Using the Mythos cup for drinking water and other liquids increases the biological value and improves flavour. The cup Mythos is specifically designed for intensive use and safety, so it is suitable for children as well as commercial use.

Drinking vitalized water influenced by special colours, symbols, words of affirmation and the shape design based on Golden Ratio, are said to help us to balance.


Flower of Life is one of the standard & most powerful symbols in nature, in the holy geometry. It is an ancient metaphor for the connection of all life in the Universe. In many cultures this symbol has been known ; it is mostly applied for vitalising and stabilising of foods and fluids. Its shape and symbolic powers are transferred and will resonate in fluids. This symbol is always situated on the bottom of all drinking glasses and carafes ALLADIN.

Quality Matters The water you drink and use comes to you through an involved process, such as pressurization, filtering, sedentary storage, etc., a process which has an effect on the quality of water as it comes out of the tap or bottle. Water's journey through pipes, filters, tanks and other processes we use to insure the essential safety of the water supply also takes out the natural vitality of the water as it is found in nature. Nature design glassware re-activates processed water and brings it «back to life» back to the energetic form it is in when it originally comes from nature.

The spring: The best water for human health is fresh spring water.

The stress: Even the best spring water looses vitality and energy when it is moved through pipes and other forms of water processing. The remedy: The design of Nature design glassware revitalizes weakened, processed water from any source. Other liquids, such as juices and wine, are also improved in taste and biological vitality when held in Nature design glassware.

Normal tap water is weakened by the unnaturally high pipe pressure and the flow in said pipes. A 3 minutes stay in the Nature design drinking glass is enough to improve weakened tap water. The survey results come from the laboratory EF Brown, CH-3628 Uttigen, Switzerland. Golden Ratio Since antiquity, the underlying proportions of the Golden Ratio have served as the epitome of beauty and aesthetics. Even today, this perfect proportion can be found in art, in architecture, in design – and elsewhere. The Golden Ratio is evident everywhere in nature, which is why we use it as the guiding principle in the design of our products. It arises from the equality of proportions, when the relationship between the larger and the smaller part is the same as that between the whole and the larger part. This ratio, this formula – the Phi number from mathematics – is 1.618. The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is based on this same principle, and describes the characteristics of growth processes which can be found in nature, for instance in the leaf and flower position of plants. This arises, for example, in left and right handed spirals with a ratio of 8 to 13, or 21 to 34 (all numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.) When dividing these numbers the result is always 1.618, which is known as "Phi", or the Golden Ratio. All our glass and porcelain products are carefully conceived in accordance with the Golden Ratio, making every piece genuinely pleasing to the eye and energetically in alignment with the flow of life force energy. Symbols and affirmations As long as humanity has existed, all cultures on Earth have used symbols. In order to understand the effectiveness of symbols, it is necessary to understand the inherent resonance or vibration which they contain. Sometimes this is conveyed using words (as in «affirmation»), and sometimes using graphic symbols, mathematics or sounds. The Flower-of-Life symbol is believed to contain all the geometry of life as we know it on planet Earth.

It is a universal symbol of energy, life and the connection among all things. Water as a medium seems to be able to recognize and retain various kinds of information, vibration, resonance, and to carry this «informational content» with it. Production Traditional craftsmanship is necessary for the production of Nature design products. The Flower-Of-Life symbols on the bottom are emblazoned into the glass base at 600 degrees Celsius (approx. 1100 F). The glass used to make Nature design glassware is approximately 40% silica sand, which is known to be a highly energetic medium. The glass for Nature design glassware is completely free of lead or any other heavy metals.

Flower of Life The Beginning… The ancient symbol of the Flower of Life is part of what is called Sacred Geometry. It is found all through the ancient world in Europe, Asia, South America and many other regions, it appears over and over in many cultures, pagan sites and religious sites. Some believe the Flower of Life is at the start of creation, even the human cell when under a microscope seems to take on this sacred geometrical symbol. The Flower of Life infuses form and harmony contributing to the re-organisation and structuring of water. The Flower of life contains multiple, evenly spaced, overlapping perfect circles, with 6 fold symmetry (the same as a hexagon). The beginning point is the centre of the circle. Within this perfect circle is simple geometrical structure that suggests life itself appeared from a single source. Cell division is the procedure while every “thing” as has reached and fulfilled it’s exact harmonious form. This Ancient Design symbol is infused into the products. The water put into the Flower of Life baring products then remembers this “ancient and original code” through the influence of the Flower of Life. Your water will find its form and harmony symmetrically whilst corresponding to the basic structure (hexagon) and this exact same original hexagonal form is seen in the Flower of Life. Flower of Life All these ancient naturally designed products and created individually following the Golden Ratio, one experiences structured revitalised water from them, this will be the same if one puts wine in a carafe or fresh organic fruit juices. When you choose a product that also has the Flower of Life sealed into it you will additionally empower the liquid with greater benefits and “information”. You will witness four types of the Flower of Life present on the products and will often be able to choose between all of them for your unique product. These alternative Flowers of Life will give structured, revitalised water additional benefits. The colours will have a different effect on individual people and bring up certain associations and emotions for them. The Flower of Life is created in the products by being burned in the product from the outside at 600 °C.

WATER Anyone who has ever taken a drink from a mountain creek knows from his own experience the virtues of fresh spring water. At home, the water coming from the tap is no longer as tasty or as energizing. No wonder, when you think of the long distances, the processing, and the environmental pollution that the cool water has been subjected to on its journey to you. In order to document “visually”, how deeply the products alter the structure of water, before-and after photographs are taken of water crystals from all products. Test results come from the E. F. Braun laboratory in Uttingen, Switzerland. All water samples were photographed using the procedure developed by Masuru Emoto. Every sample taken from the products shows highly-positive alterations with very fine, symmetrical crystalline structures. These changes, created and supported by our design components (Golden Ratio, Flower of Life, carefullyselected materials), give the water a fresh, agreeable, unadulterated, and natural flavor – as close to nature as you can get. Before Before Normal tap water is weakened by the unnaturally high pipe pressure and the flow in said pipes. After After A 3 minutes stay in the Water Pitcher Cadus is enough to improve weakened tap water. The survey results come from the laboratory EF Braun, CH-3628 Uttigen, Switzerland Water crystals photographed in accordance with the procedure developed by M. Emoto.

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