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Nature's Design Sacred Geometry Calamus 24cm Blown Glass Drinking Straw

Calamus 24cm Blown Glass Drinking Straw
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The vortex, a natural phenomenon, underlies the design of the “Calamus” drinking straw. Because of a fine spiral cut into the narrow glass tube, any liquid that passes through it acquires a powerful vortex motion. As seen in nature – tornadoes, for example, or wildly-flowing rivers or ocean waves – the vortex action increases the intensity of the energy. The delicate structure of the hand-blown drinking straw takes its shape from the Golden Ratio. For children over 6 years.

  • Size: Approx 24cm.
  • Handmade: Mouth blown in a traditional way.
  • Made from: Borosilicate glass.

Since antiquity, the underlying proportions of the Golden Ratio have served as the epitome of beauty and aesthetics. Even today, this perfect proportion can be found in art, in architecture, in design – and elsewhere.

The Golden Ratio is evident everywhere in nature, which is why we use it as the guiding principle in the design of our products. It arises from the equality of proportions, when the relationship between the larger and the smaller part is the same as that between the whole and the larger part. This ratio, this formula – the phi number from mathematics – is 1.618.

All glass and porcelain products are carefully conceived in accordance with the Golden Ratio, making every piece genuinely pleasing to the eye and energetically in alignment with the flow of life force energy.


The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is based on this same principle as the Golden Ratio, and describes the characteristics of growth processes which can be found in nature, for instance in the leaf and flower position of plants. This arises, for example, in left and right handed spirals with a ratio of 8 to 13, or 21 to 34 (all numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.) When dividing these numbers the result is always 1.618, which is known as “Phi” or the Golden Ratio.

Each individual core in a sunflower basket belongs to a left-handed and a righthanded spiral. The remarkeable thing is that the number of spirals are without any exception only adjacent numbers of the Fibonacci numbers sequence. In sunflowers for example, you find always The Fibonacci numbers sequence in Nature spiralcombinations of 21/34, 34/55, 55/89, and especially in large sunflowers also 89/144 cores. This principle also applies to daisies, pine cones, cabbage, pinapples ...

Fibonacci numbers sequence: 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8, 5+8=13 ... 21+34=55, 34+55=89, 55+89=144 ...

Ratio between the two numbers in Fibonacci sequence is allways 1,62 which is the Golden Ratio. 34:21=1,62 55:34=1,62 89:55=1,62

The principle of the straw is to improve the biological value of potable liquids. The vortex is one of the most natural and powerful forms in nature. Even today, the power and potential of the vortex is only beginning to be understood. The idea is a vortex creates an increase in energy level without any additional energy input, to an almost infinite intensity. The borosilicate glass of the drinking straw makes it very durable as well as heat-proof, so you can use it with whatever beverage you desire. The straw has been created on the basis of modern quantum physics as well as ancient insights into the natural flow of life energy. Straws are usually plastic, hardly a healthy choice, they can leak chemicals in minute amounts in the drinks. Plastic straws which need to be thrown away after one use, not to mention the harm that is caused in there creation. Please consider the environment. The straws will last a lifetime if looked after , clean them regularly.

Water If you have experienced water from a natural spring you will know about the taste and energy this water has. In the typical family household water travels through old often copper or plastic pipes, even with filtration the water is lifeless and often has poor taste. This is no surprise given the distance water travels, the process it experiences and pollutants it’s exposed to. So we must visually document, the damages this experience causes to the structure of our water. So before-and after photographs are taken of the water crystals from all products. These test results come from the E. F. Braun laboratory Uttingen, Switzerland. All the water samples have been photographed using the procedure developed by Masuru Emoto. Each sample taken from the products demonstrates highly-positive alterations with fine, symmetrical crystalline structures. These changes are created and supported by the design components, the Golden Ratio and the Flower of Life, with the carefully selected natural materials, give the water a new, fresh, agreeable, unadulterated, and natural flavour, as close to nature as you can get.

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