Nature's Design Sacred Geometry Mythos Childrens Faurna & Flora Affirmation Drinking Glass Set 4 Glasses 0.25cl each (with presentation box)

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Children can need the motivation to remember to drink water. These glasses have been created to be bright and colourful aspiring their use!

Each of the four glasses has an illustration and an affirmation. There are two motifs within each illustration - children will have fun discovering what they reveal! Because of the special shape of the Mythos glass, water is naturally revitalised in only 3 minutes. The affirmation additionally revitalize the water.

A truly unique Gift Set of all 4 Affirmation Glasses that make up the Fauna & Flora collection. Based on the thought that “All beings are One” and for the love of nature with the Fauna & Flora design. Created in the classic Mythos tumbler (The glass that lifts itself up).
I am Happy, I Can Do It, I have a Big Heart, I Enjoy Learning.

  • Capacity 0.25 litre / 8.5 fl .oz each glass. (250ml)
  • Production: Machine made.
  • Size approx: H: 3.5" (9cm) W:3" (8cm)
  • Material lead-free glass suitable up to 70°C / 158° F.
  • Set consists of 4 glasses and gift box.

Drinking vitalized water influenced by special colours, symbols, words of affirmation and the shape design based on Golden Ratio, are said to help us balance our chakras. Chakras are centers of energy, located on an energy-line in the mid-line of the human body. There are seven of them, and they govern our psychological properties.


Children and adults alike are big fans of these artistic and beautiful glasses. But beyond the pretty illustration and the inspiring affirmation is the magic of the shape, the Golden Ratio that revitalises and energises water in just 3 minutes. Drink from each glass during the day (maybe someone will even wash them for you) say and feel the affirmations, enjoy your drink and enjoy your day, there is no other way. Size: 4 x 250ml (8.5 fl .oz) Creation: Lead-free glass suitable up to 70°C / 158° F

WATER Anyone who has ever taken a drink from a mountain creek knows from his own experience the virtues of fresh spring water. At home, the water coming from the tap is no longer as tasty or as energizing. No wonder, when you think of the long distances, the processing, and the environmental pollution that the cool water has been subjected to on its journey to you. In order to document “visually”, how deeply the products alter the structure of water, before-and after photographs are taken of water crystals from all products. Test results come from the E. F. Braun laboratory in Uttingen, Switzerland. All water samples were photographed using the procedure developed by Masuru Emoto. Every sample taken from the products shows highly-positive alterations with very fine, symmetrical crystalline structures. These changes, created and supported by our design components (Golden Ratio, Flower of Life, carefullyselected materials), give the water a fresh, agreeable, unadulterated, and natural flavor – as close to nature as you can get. Before Before Normal tap water is weakened by the unnaturally high pipe pressure and the flow in said pipes. After After A 3 minutes stay in the Water Pitcher Cadus is enough to improve weakened tap water. The survey results come from the laboratory EF Braun, CH-3628 Uttigen, Switzerland Water crystals photographed in accordance with the procedure developed by M. Emoto.

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