Munay Ki - Rites Of Passage

Copyrite: Alex Grey Artist

Munay KI - The Nine Rites of Passage

The Munay Ki are the nine rites of initiation of the medicine way that heal and transform our energy field into pure light where we become a person of wisdom and power who has accepted the stewardship for all creation and the earth. The word Munay Ki comes from the Quechuan word ‘I love you’. The rites are transforming, teaching us to walk with protection, grow new bodies that ages, heals and dies differently. Sending a hook forwards in time allowing us to co create from the place of what we want instead of what we know and connects us to a long lineage of medicine men and women. The energetic transmissions are given and you will learn how to transmit them to friends and loved ones. As the seeds of the Munay Ki rites grow within you, so your ability to create and manifest in this world will grow to. With this ability comes responsibility, both to you and others.

The Five Key Principles

Non Violence Bring no harm to yourself or others.

Truthfulness Be true to your word and let your word be true.

Integrity Do not steal, even glance, walk your talk.

Moderation Use wisely the life force within you. Generosity Give more than you take, for nothing in this world really belongs to us. Living the principles, like all healing is a journey. An important element of the Munay Ki is your commitment to the journey.

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