OPTIMUM 9200A Professional BLENDER Black - UK Plug

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  • Smoothies, Grinding Nuts, Crushes Ice, Nut Butters & Milk, Ice Cream, Hot Soups.
  • Product comparisons: Vitamix & Blendtec. Testimonials.
  • UL, CE, SGS and FDA approved 2L BPA Free jug with lid and cap.
  • Wet and dry multi-purpose 6-blade stainless steel assembly with heavy duty tamper tool for improved processing and mixing.
  • 83-page comprehensive hard-copy recipe book.
  • International Warranty.
  • EU Plug adaptor available by request.

The Optimum brand is manufactured by various well-respected manufacturers by Optimum Appliances using the highest-quality parts designed to outlast and outperform all expectations. This is demonstrated by the 10-year optional warranty which is only offered by our main competitor Vitamix.

The commercial-grade Optimum is sponsored and used by various organisations and franchises. Click here to view 3rd party verified testimonials, and here to watch demo videos.

The blender comes with a unique No Questions Asked 1-Month Money Back Guarantee, where we organise and pay for the return of the product if unsatisfied, further demonstrating our confidence in the blender's quality and performance.

The most important component of a blender is the power of the motor. The Optimum has an extraordinary 3 Horse Power motor (2,261 Watts) able to easily withstand the toughest ingredients and outlast most other domestic blenders. The Optimum can quickly and easily emulsify fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and ice into a silky smooth texture which can be used to make soups, ice cream, nut butters and sauces. At a ground-breaking speed of 44,000 rpm the Optimum can also be used to grind grains and crush ice.

For Commercial Use, unlike other purely domestic blenders, the powerful commercial-grade motor of the Optimum can easily withstand the heavy-duty use of juice bars and cafes. At 2,238 Watts, coupled with the 30, 60 and 90 second blending options, making smoothies and milkshakes is a simple easy task for this durable commercial blender. The Carbon Brush self-compensating motor makes for not only an efficient use of energy, but also a quieter blending experience that cannot be offered by most other high performance blenders. What's more is that because the motor cools better, it also lasts longer.

The Optimum's blade assembly, a custom-alloy assemblage of special stainless steel manufactured to its finest in Japan, was purpose built for a quicker, smoother and more effective synthesis of ingredients. While most blenders have a 2 or 4-blade assembly, the Optimum consists of a unique 6-blade assembly, allowing it to blend even the thickest of foods. An additional 2 down-angled blades are designed to prevent any dense foods from getting jammed and creating a vacuum at the bottom of the jug.

The assembly is securely bolted to a shaft which connects to the bottom blade gear - a feature which then acts as the point of connection for the drive socket when the fully assembled jar and blade set is placed atop the Optimum motor. The six blades are a multipurpose assemblage allowing the Optimum's user to combine both wet and dry ingredients with both ease and efficiency. This superior and multi-faceted blade extends the capabilities of the Optimum far beyond the realms of other competitors, and makes for an otherwise unmatched blending experience.

While ordinary blenders have a fan motor that runs at maximum power at all times, leading to rapid motor burn out, the Optimum uses a proprietary carbon brush motor optimised to only use the power demanded - so you get a motor life of decades rather than months. This component is one reason Froothie offers clients the option for a 10-Year Warranty, supported by Athena Solutions Pty Ltd as well as the manufacturer.

In addition to such feats, the Optimum's motor has an overload protection fault switch, ensuring that the motor is protected against overload damage. This goes above and beyond the overheat protection thermos found on most commercial grade blenders, as it means one can continue blending without having to first wait for the motor to cool down after overheating and switching off. And with a technology unrivalled by other high performance blending machines, the Optimum's Carbon Brush motor is the ultimate in blending motorisation for both those who are interested in its use within a commercial setting and/or a personal one.

Recent tests have also shown the Optimum to be quieter than competition with a noise level of only 83.8 decibels, a very important feature when being used in a family home or a quiet café/restaurant. A newly introduced sound cover can further reduce the noise level by an additional 50% to under 40 decibels, making the Optimum the industry's quietest blender!

The Vitamix Pro 500, as well as other Vitamix and Blendtec blenders, is a high-quality blender with a very strong reputation. Competing with such a brand on a global stage is difficult to say the least, especially for a new entrant in the industry.

To counter this disadvantage, Froothie has teamed up with a globally recognised manufacturer to create a truly unique and powerful blender, while also providing clients the best assurance possible: A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked. This has led to tremendous success for the Optimum brand with demand highly exceeding all expectations, leading to plans to expand into Europe and Asia in the very near future.

At the top of this page you will see a factual comparison between the Vitamix Pro 500 and the Optimum. It is for you to decide which blender to purchase. If you have any questions we will be more than happy to offer you honest advice, simply call us on 0800 0789 055 or contact us here. We can assure you of one thing: Anything the Vitamix can make, whether that is a hot soup, a green smoothie or smooth nut butter, the Optimum can also achieve with no hassles, and be prepared to have your expectations exceeded!

The manufacturers of the Optimum brand are some of the world's most recognised manufacturers in the industry with a solid 30-year reputation; responsible for manufacturing parts for some of the industry's most-respected brands with tremendous success in Europe, the United States and Japan. Froothie is proud to have those manufacturers as partners as we expand globally, step by step, competing with very powerful brands in an increasingly monopolised industry.

The manufacturers make use of state of the art equipment and engineering, with most parts being of either German, Taiwanese or Japanese origin. So much is certainly evident within the high grade stainless steel used for several of the Optimum's components, as well as in the self-compensating and highly energy efficient motor.

While you will see many similar copy-cat blenders, the Optimum is a true one-of-a-kind machine manufactured using high-quality parts designed to withstand domestic as well as commercial use.

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