Peruvian Q'ero Shamans

Peruvian Q'ero Shamans from the high Andes in South America are some of the most talked about medicine peoples in the last 20 years. They go by many other names: Paqos, Shaman, Medicine Man/Woman, healer, spiritual being shaman Priest or High Elder.  

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These shaman healers are known for the way of seeing into the invisible realm, into the soul of another and healing abilities. They serve all and one. The difference with a sorcerer and a shaman is only a sorcerer serves self first while the shaman believes finding balance in the moment and with all things serves the world.

The Textiles are sourced and we trade for with corn flor and rice, rarely do we pay money now..... From early on we were asked to bring this as at 5000m up food and shelter are the staples of everty day living and then trading between each other and then now tourism.

We work with the QEROS/Qero community from the Mountain called Ausangate- seen as a holy place and holy mountain! We source  different products many of which have been in families for many years with some that are fresh off the hand loom. Many are used in ceremony but really the products come from the roots up with intention and symbology lovingly hand made. There is so much meaning in all the different textiles that it would take years to fully understand. The colourations are bright and rich very unique to the QERO, the type of wool yarns and the old techniques that are still in practice today in dying, spinning and hand weaving the products are truly amazing to see.. Many shaman live still up at the tiny villages while others have moved to lower more forgiving and westernised ways lower down spending time with groups performing there rituals and ceremonies.