Sacred Essence Business Despacho eReceipe by Kerri Colegrove Ebook Recipe (Buy All 2 Books & Business Recipe "Save 10%")

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  • Peruvian Q'ero Shaman Business Despacho recipe by Kerri Colegrove.
  • Kerri Colegrove has a unique way of illustrating and sharing an ingredients list helping to making a prayer bundle.
  • Beautifully detailed picture & ingredient list to help source items locally.
  • Buy All 2 Books & Business Despacho "Save 10%".

Business Despacho prayer that enlists extra support from the universe to conspire on behalf of a business to help it thrive. It is made by the key decision-maker of a business or with his or her permission.

This is a unique amulet prayer bundle that is only made once for a new or existing business, or when a business is significantly modified perhaps with new management, a new product line or a new mission statement.

And unlike most prayer bundles, this one doesn’t get burned. Instead, it is buried near the entrance of a business or given a permanent home, a place of honor, within the business.

For other business needs use the Abundance Prayer Bundle or another that is even better suited to help a business in response to a specific situation. For example, the Protection Prayer Bundle could provide extra protection for a business that is in the midst of an undesirable media experience or lawsuit. A business that’s experiencing difficulty manifesting a sound mission might benefit from a Prayer Bundle to Heal the Masculine, the “doing” function, to manifest work efforts.

The items that are included in the Business Prayer Bundle symbolize many characteristics common to successful businesses in order to nurture and develop these as much as possible. Thus the image of a bee to represent busyness (think busy as a bee) and teamwork.

And since making this prayer bundle is such a rare and significant event for a business, combined with the fact that it will likely live at the business for many years to come, make this prayer bundle extra special with beautiful fabric instead of paper, ribbons instead of yarn, and silk flowers for permanent adornment.

Available as an electronic PDF as standard.

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