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Sacred Essence Dance of The 7 Chakras - Elliot Diamond (CD)

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  • Elliot Diamond is a gift inspirational composer, shaman and Dr.
  • He worked with Dr Alberto Villoldo composing this music for moving through the archetypes.
  • Versed in the shamans way of seeing helping others to step into.
  • Dance of the seven chakras allows you to fully embody each archetype through movement.
  • Allows a connection to help feel the energy of a particular archetype with powerful results.
  • Use: Play and allow each track to guide you through each of the seven chakras, embodying them and moving as they wood.
  • Serpent - Jaguar - Hummingbird - Eagle - Huascar - Queztle Coatle - Pacha Cutti.

This Dance of The 7 Chakras was composed by Elliott Diamond. It is used to allow individuals to connect with there primary archetypes, otherwise know as Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Eagle, Huascar, Quetzalcoatl and Pacha Cutti. They help you to not only connect via meditation but with movement to embody the archetypical energy, to develop a connection and build a relationship and grow the seeds to these allies that can have a powerful influence helping us day by day.
The Dance of the Seven Chakras is cross-cultural sonic landscape of spiritual healers, environmental sounds, pulsing rhythms and celestial textures. The "dance" portrays the evolution and movement of life itself, never the same and always in motion. Enjoy and experience the healing interactive energies. The music is a collage of the many soundscapes that were recorded with the Tibetan Monks, the Lacandon Indians and Peruvian environments. This music is wonderful to play during healing work or for those that would like to lay back and relax. Chakra is a Hindu terms meaning "Wheel of Spinning Energy". Within our bodies are located 7 major energy centers which have corresponding energetic movements, colors, sound qualities and healing capacities. It is the intricate spiraling dance of the 7 chakras which allows us to grow, feel, love and ultimately live.

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