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Sacred Essence Vogel 13 sided 100% Clear LAB Quartz Double Terminated Extraction Crystal - Standard Medium

Lab 13 Sided Medium (Standard)
Code: EX13-M-LAB
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Clear Quartz, also known as Rock Crystal is from the largest of Quartz families. It is the most popular and most common form of Quartz. It is one of the most powerful healing crystals. It is a 'Master Healing Stone', a natural healing crystal type helping to bring balance, a 'Master Detoxifying Stone' removing and able to hold large amounts of energies drawing it out. An amplifying healing crystal stone. Excellent at purifying and removing negative energy.

Vogel Clear Quartz LAB Grown Double Terminated Extraction Crystal:

High vibrational 13-sided crystal that works with a high degree of smoothness. 100% Lab Grown, 100% Clear Quartz, Hand Cut. A powerful healing wand, ideal for shamanic healing practices using extraction processes or working on difficult healing's this crystal supports this practice with ease and without energetic wobble.

  • Hand Cut 100% clear Quartz
  • Supplied in a Vogel Case: Thick Soft Double Lined Crystal Case /Pouch
  • Material: 100% Clear, Inclusion Free: AAA Grade LAB Quartz
  • Standard Size Medium:  Approx L: 5" -6" x W:2.5" x 2" down to 1.5"- 1" (Please allow + or - 10%) due to cutting

NOTE on OVERALL SIZE AND FEEL: Medium Standard crystal that is 4.5" - 5.5" is large in the hand. A large is even bigger and heavier

  • Weight: 200g - 240g
  • Sides: 13 sided standard medium
  • Origin: USA - Brazil - China
  • USES: Healing - Meditation Wand - Shamanic  Extraction Processes - Journeying Underworld & Upper World - Tuning Fork - Water Frequency Healing
  • Please allow 10% + or - on crystal sizes. Crystals hand cut will vary between length and width. longer crystals are thinner and shorter crystals are wider. ( This is natural to gain the best from the crystal )

Lab grown quartz has become a preferred option for healing crystals this is because the clarity can be controlled as it grows. It also means less waste. Some believe it to be a much better option. Natural quartz is very expensive and very hard to obtain, cutting requires a much larger raw piece of rock that has to be cut down and down until the required finish is found.

Double Terminated Vogel Clear Quartz LAB Grown Medium Extraction Crystal Wand

The vogel's are a specialised tool, powerful to use for Shamanic practices, tuning folks for journeying, meditation and energetic clearings. Used as a conduit vessel for extraction processes.

Lab controlled quartz is grown in a controlled environment. The Quartz is grown off a life line, it grows around the life line 100% clear and free of any type of inclusions and marks, once grown it is then harvested.

The crystals are cut by a highly skilled craftsman using original cutting techniques that use the correct angles, orientation, material and intent needed to create a fine-tuned double terminated 100% clear with NO inclusions vogel healing crystal wand.

Vogel Cut Crystals are unique tools used in healing efforts for those wishing to transform their lives by generating positive life-force energy. The cuts of the crystal are key, enabling energy to flow through one end in a circular motion, releasing from the other end, amplifying and energizing positive thoughts into energetic beams. Energy is received through the female (wider) end and transmitted through the male (narrow) end. It is recommended to hold the wand in your dominant hand.

13-sided vogel crystal wands are considered to be the workhorses of the healing word. They help to bridge and look much deeper into the physical and energetic worlds working exceptionally well with difficult healing's.

Sides of a crystal: This varies extensively in 2012 we noticed a trend change that could co-inside with the Magical Number 13 - 13 Moons, Mayans consider 13 to be Ascension, The hidden One - The Last Supper was attended by 13 people, including Jesus, the Major Arcana’s 13th card representing Life, Death and renewal. 8 sided bridge the realms with 24-36-48 sided open up completely new ways of workings refining or working with different types of healing's with ease and grace. They define what and which they like to work with. People explain the amount of sides as more power but which depends on your view, we like to see them as refinements and specific to different tools for different jobs.

Choosing a Crystal: One thing is for sure the more facets to a Vogel Crystal can increase it's power, ability and frequency. However in our experience it is like learning to drive, we first start to drive in a car that has an accelerator, brake, clutch and gear stick, we can then chose later when we have saved enough money for a bigger better version to progress to a faster more powerful racing car!

Energetically and physically it is worth remembering; it is not how fast or powerful the engine, it is how finally tuned we are to listening, tracking and creating a sacred safe space. Being of service to another on this plane or in another dimension, it is so important our sensitivity in respecting  someone else's journey , making it smooth, with ease and comfort. With clear, positive and loving intention we can be of service to another supporting their healing journey. Using a clear quartz double terminated Vogel Crystal wand is a tremendous tool for any healing energy work.

NB: We have had a lot of feed back and experience since 2006 about the crystals, supporting many students and practitioners who have studied with The Four Winds Society under Alberto Villoldo who teaches Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing , working with the Luminous energy-field and the chakras connections to mind, body and soul.

For those unsure on which crystal to choose then a good school of thought for those undecided is to simply wait. It is a big commitment not to be rushed. We would rather see you happy than making a quick decision on an expensive and important tool.

If you have a couple of options to choose from then give this a try to see if it helps guide your decision -

Make a note of the different types you have in mind on different pieces of paper. Fold them in half so you cannot see which Vogel you have chosen then mix them up and sit holding each piece of folded paper whilst holding a clear intention asking  " What crystal wand will serve me best?" Sit quietly in meditation and see what image, word or feeling comes to you.

Please also feel free to call us or email us to discuss the options - CONTACT US

Also recommended for using a vogel in healing work is for cleansing the crystal after extraction processes is Agua de Florida Water for clearing the crystal wand and Palo Santo Sacred Wood for creating a sacred space.

Clear Quartz, Rock Quartz Symbolic Meaning: Quartz is the most popular and common forms of Quartz. It is one of the most powerful healing crystals. It is said to be a natural healer helping to bring balance, a detoxifying stone removing negativity and able to hold large amounts of energy. It absorbs and draws out negative energy. It is a 'Master Healer' of healing crystals used by crystal therapists and in shamanism for healing and extraction process removing large amounts of negative energy. It is able to house or hold these energies with certain types of quartz, holding them in a a crystal chasm before releasing the energy back to the divine light restoring balance in both client and energy fields.

Quartz is one of the amplifying energy crystal helping to re charge another crystal type. It is a very versatile powerful crystal. A fantastic healing crystal stone for balancing energy and unlocking it. It is a conductive stone thus absorbing, storing, releases and regulates all at once! Clear quartz draws out negativity in all things. It works well with EMF as it is said to remove excess electro-magnetic smog. It is a very strong and powerful balancing stone that works across emotional and spiritual planes.

Associated Chakra: Clear Quartz is associated with the 'Crown Chakra'. It helps to open the mind up to it's highest potential.

Associated Zodiac & Birth Sign Stones; In astrology, crystals are often associated with different zodiac signs based on their properties and energetic qualities. Clear Quartz, as a versatile and amplifying crystal, is commonly associated with all zodiac signs rather than being specifically tied to one particular sign.

Element: Clear quartz is associated with all the elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. However, Earth would be the first element due to it's worldly characteristics and abundant locations it resides.

What is clear quartz? Clear Quartz, also known as Rock Crystal, is one of the most abundant and versatile crystals.

Clear Quartz is often considered a "master healer" due to its wide range of metaphysical properties and its ability to amplify the energies of other crystals.

Key characteristics of Clear Quartz include: Clarity Stone - Master Healers Stone for powerful detoxifying abilities. An Abundance Stone as it is one of the most common mineral crystals found around the world.

Hardness: Clear Quartz is relatively hard crystal, scoring 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which means it is resistant to scratching and durable.

Energetic Properties: In the realm of crystal healing and metaphysics, Clear Quartz is believed to have a wide range of properties, including energy amplification, clarity of thought, enhancing spiritual growth, promoting harmony, and balancing the chakras.

Use: Clear Quartz is highly versatile and can be used in various ways, such as for meditation, energy work, grid formations, jewellery, and as a tool in healing practices.

Programmable: Clear Quartz is said to be programmable, which means it can be charged with specific intentions and used as a tool to amplify and manifest those intentions.

Chakras: Clear Quartz is often associated with all chakras, and it is believed to have a harmonizing and balancing effect on these energy centers.

Due to its neutral and amplifying properties, Clear Quartz is often used as a starting point for individuals new to working with crystals. It is believed to be a versatile crystal that can support a wide range of intentions and is often used in combination with other crystals to enhance their effects.

As with all crystals, it's essential to cleanse and charge Clear Quartz regularly to maintain its energetic properties and ensure it remains in optimal condition for healing and spiritual practices.


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April 27, 2023 | James Woolley
Vogel 13 sided 100% Clear LAB Quartz Double Terminated Extraction Crystal - Standard Medium

Simply amazing and I'm so happy with my Crystal

April 14, 2023 | Chris Waters
Vogel 13 sided 100% Clear LAB Quartz Double Terminated Extraction Crystal - Standard Medium

Beautiful crystals wrapped carefully

April 12, 2023 | Andrea Pena
Vogel 13 sided 100% Clear LAB Quartz Double Terminated Extraction Crystal - Standard Medium

Perfect everything. More than I expected. Super on time.