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Josh Stick Incense

A unique high quality selection of Josh and stick incenses. Satya is world renowned for Nag Champ, Super Hit, Chakra, Blue Sage, White sages and many more. Stick and cone type incenses were many of the first types of incense being widely used to create and ambiance an clearing and refreshing spaces with fragrant aromas.


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Our sacred sprays and incense are very special and we have taken care to hand select a variety of vibrant high quality products for uplifting, clearing, and transcending.

We invite you to browse our leading brands of pure essences with their high energetic vibration to see which ones speak to you.

These essences have amazing aromas and vibrations that help create a clear space to both work and live. We recommend them to lighten up heavy energies in a room and create a warm welcoming environment.

Our sprays and incense are also excellent to keep on hand when life’s day to day stress builds up so you can immediately refresh and revitalize yourself. If you are on a spiritual path, we have many products to support your individual ceremonial needs and journey work.

Sacred Essence offers a complete range of products for space clearing, ceremony, rites of passage and rituals, as well as an aid in any holistic therapy.

Be sure to check out our offerings bowls, candles and dishes, incense burners and chalices that are heat resistant, so that you can effortlessly enjoy your new products.

Our Sacred Sprays, Incense and Offerings can be used by anyone and are sought after by people looking to uplift themselves and their environments as well as Shamans, Yogis, Reiki Practitioners, and anyone doing spiritual work.

Used by many modalities from Shamans, Yogis, Drumming Circles, Reiki practitioners to Spiritual / Alternative practices, sacred sprays and incenses can be used by anyone.

Sacred incenses and herbs are brilliant for cutting through heavy energies, used for healing preparations, bringing calm and balance, calling on Great Spirit, opening the senses as well as for adding a lightness to yourself and to the space that you enter.