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Swift-Lite Swift Lite Charcoal 10 Discs per Roll 33mm Genuine Excelsior Incense Disc

Swift Lite Charcoal 10 Discs per Roll
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Swift-Lite International is the original Swift-Lite Charcoal manufacturer in the UK. The fast lighting hookah charcoal from Swift-Lite is a smokeless and odourless product originally designed for religious Incense burning.Charcoal discs are used to diffuse incense and gum resins.

  • Swift-Lite charcoal is sold under several brands but the quality and conformity of the charcoal is the same for each product. The only difference being the packing design, quantity and size of charcoal tablets.
  • Excelsior has 10 discs per roll 33mm diameter.
  • Size:Discs 33mm.

Disclaimer & Cautions: PLEASE NOTE LIGHTING PROCEDURE BELOW, Please also be aware charcoal - While this is self igniting when direct heat is applied it needs heat to be applied for a period of time up to 30 seconds to allow it to generate enough heat for the igniting process to work. Care should always be taken using heat resistance bowls an d gloves as appropriate.

  • Simply lite the charcoal from a tea light and place in a heat proof dish.
  • Allow the disc to turn grey and place desired amounts of incense on disc.
  • Top up as required.
  • Sourced from individuals that hold ethics.
  • Use with any gum/resin incenses.
  • Uses: Cleanse space's and people. Celebrate specific aspects of life, the seasons & cycles. Use to lift an area or acknowledge loved ones.

Precautions & USE: Be aware that these discs may occasionally sparkle profusely upon ignition. Allow sufficient air to flow around the charcoal to ensure burning. Some people prefer to open the window whilst it is igniting as it gives off smoke. Once the charcoal disc has finished sparkling it will start to glow, usually first on one side, slowly spreading over the whole disc. When the entire disc is glowing red hot it is ready for adding the incense. Keep incense and charcoal out of reach of children. Exercise due caution when igniting your charcoal disc and also when discarding of used ashes.

Charcoal discs normally are used to burn incense's and gum resin's, care should be taken as the discs can sparkle popping to begin but settle quickly. Heat resistance dishes are advise. To see our full range: Heat Resistant Dishes.


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