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Sacred Essence Abalone Mama Cocha Smudge Shell 7"-8"+ (XL-Deep) White

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Natural shells with a shiny inner. Beautiful Mama Cocha shells - Mama Coucha: Meaning Mother of the waters. These are naturally finished with a shiny inside. Finish varies and is natural - different shell to shell.

  • DEPTH: These are much bigger in overall appearance to normal sized shells due to the increased depth.
  • Approx size: Average size is 7"-8". Please allow + or - of 10%. (Estimated 1/2-1" variance is normal to expect.
  • Colour: Natural brown - green shades with a naturally polished inside. This obviously varies has these are natural. THESE are not to confused with fully polished versions.

USE: Generally - used as a smudge or offering dish in ritual and ceremony. Great representation of the sea and oceans. Many cultures use these to represent water and bring to an altar.

Used as a smudging dish for sage by native American Indians or a Sacred Object.

Mama Cocha is the Inka Goddess of the Sea, "Sea Mother or Mother of the Oceans". Protecting fisherman and sailors, preventing storms and calming the waters.
These sacred shells can for ceremony, smudging incense or using as a symbolic gesture on an Alta.

Abalone shell is known to many cultures. Used as a decorative altar item,jewelry and as a smudge bowl are just some of its uses.

Abalone shells are worn on the forehead of Apache tribe girls as they greet the sun in the morning of their initiation into womanhood. They strengthen the structure of the body and work directly with the heart chakra. Abalone shell meanings are: Intimately connected to the sea - represents the tides of emotion An easy flow of feelings and sensitivities to others Connected to family and particularly motherhood Harmony in relationships The play and variety of colors represent change as the beauty of existence.

Shells are used in a variety of ways. For ritual and ceremony if could be for a despacho prayer bundle or for an altar whereby you can add representations for the seas and oceans. These shells are deep and add a lightness being able to fill them with water.

Can be also used a a small smudge dish for burning leaves or kintu prayer sticks.

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Sacred Essence - Abalone Shells

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